About Rev. Julia Alexandra

Julia Alexandra received her ordination as a Priest of Melchizedek in 2003 through Sanctuary of the Beloved, an incorporated, non-denominational church in New York State and in the United States which was founded by Rev. Daniel Chesbro in 1986.  

In 2002, she attained her Third Degree Reiki level after completing the first two levels followed by a year-long apprenticeship.  She personally practices the tenants and the healings of Reiki as well as teaches Reiki to students.  Julia is certified through the NCBTMB for First Degree Reiki CEUs.

Julia is a healing facilitator and has worked with clients for over 18 years, facilitating her client’s individual healing process through the application of her unique Gifts, Abilities and perspective on life.

Julia has worked in the Akasha since 2003, beginning with the modality Spiritual Response Therapy, which she learned from Hank Innerfeld. She has been Guided in her Work since the mid 2000’s by the Angelics, the Ascended Masters, Beings of Light, and the individual’s High Self. With the combination of her unique gifts and experiences plus Guidance from the Light, Julia accesses the Akasha and personally facilitates your healing process, in this lifetime and others.

Julia spends the majority of her time (not spent as a slave to her cat, Rosie) assisting her clients with healing, following her Vocation, working on her own personal “stuff”, and writing. She is currently working on a book regarding the Akasha, with a hopeful publishing time of December 2020. (It’s been five years in the works with multiple iterations, but the Angelics have set a deadline for her.)

In January 2019, Julia published an e-book via Amazon, The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Sacred Space, and she also has another book in the works for parents with Sensitive and Gifted Children.

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