Deliverance, Salvation, and Redemption

Driving along the road today I had what I call Salvation moments.  Not Salvation in the religious sense – where one confesses one’s sins and all is forgiven – but where deliverance is a moment that lifts us away from ignorance, harm, ruin, or loss and sets us on the path of Love.

For me, Salvation moments bring my conscious state to a deep spiritual Truth, unavailable to me up to that point. These moments are almost indescribable – an experience where Love gently settles over me and I am lovingly shifted to an awareness of a Truth inaccessible to me via Salvation. You could say that Salvation is the vehicle of Love to you from the Creator.  Some may call it Grace, but for me Salvation differs from Grace as it possesses Truth, Knowledge, and Wisdom in addition to the Creator’s Love.

I have allowed my emotions to dictate 98% of all aspects of my life and I have had to experience many emotionally painful situations time and again before I was delivered to a Salvation moment and the Love.  I have no idea how many people I have willfully and ignorantly harmed as I lived my path of emotional maturity, but as I learn these Lessons with humility I do all that I know how to do to send them healing energy and eliminate the negative karma.

All the situations I lived through have been necessary to get me to this moment in time. Some lessons needed to be experienced more than once, because I was not learning the Truth behind the lesson.  Once I learned it, Deliverance would come in and take me to Salvation and I would grow in Love and Wisdom.

Salvation moments are glorious moments – impossible to describe and if the attempt is made people think you are crazy.  I value each of my moments because with that Salvation moment my conscious connection to my High Self, my Guides, and the Creator increased – sometimes dramatically.  I have watched different people over the years also experience these moments and how it changed their viewpoint, their way of living their day-to-day life, and the struggle they  lived through to maintain their newly acquired perspective because it is always very easy to slip back into unconscious behaviors.

I have loved redemption movies for the simple reason that someone who had done someone wrong gets one last opportunity to make amends in some fashion.  I read a lot of classical literature as I was growing up and in many of the stories redemption was one of the main concepts surrounding the growth of one of the main characters.  Sometimes that person is so vile and has done things so despicable that you don’t think they deserve redemption, yet somehow they redeem themselves and the story ends on a positive note.

Redemption as a living, real part of life was not included in the way I was raised.  Apart from using the word to describe the book or story I loved, I never even gave the word much consideration – much less how it could be applied to me or my life. As I was flooded with the Creator’s Love this afternoon, the understanding came to me most clearly:

Redemption is the accepting and forgiving of oneself for one’s choices.

It is never just words that come to me – it is the Love, Knowledge, and Wisdom combined that really make the moment truly deep and beautiful.

Redemption is not a matter of erasing regret by undoing harm done; for if one accepts the Truth that Divine Alignment is always taking place, then regrets are just the ego trying to change one’s life while making you feel guilty.

Divine Alignment was not a concept I had ever heard of before my Reiki Master taught it to me.  I found it hard to swallow when she taught it to me.  My ego has had a good run with my life and still rears its ugly head every now and again.  But to believe that all the horrible things that had happened in the world, that had happened in life were not accidents, but things that the Divine allowed to happen in our reality.  As I progressed along my Mystic path, I came to realize the truth of that statement more and more.  I had plenty of experiences to help me learn that one!

If one accepts that Divine Alignment takes place all the time, then logically one has to accept that one’s life choices and the situations one has lived through were allowed to happen.  It was never because of lack of love or a desire for the Creator to punish us, but rather humans have a really hard time learning anything that is not learned painfully. Sometimes the lesson does not need to be repeated for the learning to sink in, but I can say in my personal lifetime, I have had experienced excruciating situations where the root of all of it was Betrayal.  Every time I trusted someone without reason or chose to believe them when the facts of the situation disputed their words, I experience great emotional pain as the fallout of that choice hit the fan.

So – until I learn what I need to balance this lesson appropriately it will just keep happening.  Again and again.

And that is Divine Alignment.  The Creator trusts that at some point, somewhere in time, I will LEARN all the lessons behind Betrayal.  Just as I trusted my children to learn to walk, to learn to ride their bikes, and any other number of things that used pain as a motivator to learn the skill the Creator trusts me.  Has faith in me.  Believes in me.  Loves me enough to let me fall down over and over again until I learn the lesson I need so I stand firmly on my feet, independent and strong.

We Redeem ourselves to ourselves, not to anyone else. I accept that have lived a crazy, painful, beautiful life with people who have loved me and with whom I have shared my love.  They may not be in my life anymore, but I accept that Divine Alignment is taking place every day and as long as I live my highest and best good and make decisions and choices based on my highest and best good, I will continue to learn and grow and maybe one day there won’t be any more lessons to learn in this lifetime.

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Deliverance, Salvation, and Redemption

Recognize the Divine Within All

Our country, our world, is going through turbulent change right now.  Ideas and beliefs that many believed our culture and civilization had moved past are rising their ugly heads en masse and letting others know that they had been there all along.

This is a terrific challenge to the Light Workers out there; those individuals who work with Light and Energy and Love and the Divine.  The vast majority of these individuals are horrified by what is being done, by what has been said – no, not said, but shouted and thrown at their fellow citizens who should have the same equal rights.  Light Workers believe in Oneness, in working together to improve our national resources such as air and water, as well as investing in the children of this country and world and when confronted by these others who don’t appear to value anything beyond selfishness and greed it is difficult to bear.

These Light Workers should be horrified, but not horrified for the reasons they feel are correct.  When one faces the shadow that has been present all along, one can only wonder how much one’s own behavior contributed to it staying in the shadow.  Instead of working to heal and change that shadow many were content to just pretend it was gone, that the person had changed their way of thinking because they saw how “wrong” they were.

Many believed others would spontaneously become enlightened in their thoughts when learned stopped spouting that ugliness at the holiday dinner table.  Yes, that may have been a relief but that does not mean anything changed except them to simmer in the darkness of their own thoughts.

I say to you now – Stop.  You are exhausting yourself at jumping at every fly you see in the ointment.  Stop saying you are ready to “give up” and you “want to go home”.  Is your faith so weak that it cannot stand against the challenge of someone’s ugliness or even someone we view as evil?  Instead look to yourself.  When you see evil are you saying something, bringing it further into the light?  Or are you turning your back and running away, declaring you cannot deal with it any more?  Take what breaks you need to, to restore and rejuvenate yourself, but you cannot become lax because who else will bring the Light and Love of the Divine to the surface?

How many social media friends and family have you disconnected or disconnected from you? How many opportunities have you let slip away without at least asking for clarity to understand why they believe what they do.  If you don’t know what they believe and why they have those beliefs you lose the ability to bring the opportunity of light into their thoughts and feelings.

Again – this is not about “converting” – this is about using intelligence, facts, science, and a host of other non-emotional triggering ways in a conversation with that person.  Maybe that person is not available for you to have a conversation with them directly.  Then instead, start opening discourse among those you do have the ability to talk to directly (without violating any laws or rules  – you don’t want to get fired).

Start conversations now with those in your life.  Be open to hearing what they believe instead of assuming they feel as you do about every topic.  Don’t run away when they share different thoughts or feelings, don’t shut them down, and don’t negate them.  Give them the respect you would like to receive from everyone you encounter.

Evil took over our country because people were complacent and disrespectful to others by assuming everyone was on their train of thought.

Every person – or even one person – will not agree 100% with you or your way of thinking. That’s fine.  It is not your responsibility to convert even one person because to have that goal would violate their free will process.

Look within you and find the compassion all Light Workers say they have burning inside. Gather that compassion and start using it to understand why someone believes the way they do.  Gather that compassion and find out what has happened in their life to make them think what they believe to be true.  If you have not read the Four or the Five Agreements get one of those books and read it right away.  It is a powerful book that will illustrate how each person puts others into boxes in their mind.  This is not only disrespectful but it is self serving and it is self harming.

Take the time to closely look at each person as their own individual who has their own life outside of the time spent with you.  Gather your compassion and have a conversation with them, bring them in and feel the Light that exists in them too.  Don’t just preach Love and Light at them – LIVE IT every day in all ways.

How can a Light Worker convince anyone that Light and Love are true ways to live if they run away at the first challenge?  How can a Light Worker help others consider different thoughts and ideas if the Light Worker rejects them outright or if the Light Worker dismisses their beliefs out of hand.

All humans have feelings and the majority of humans alive have many deep wounds. Wounds that tell them they are not worth someone else’s time, energy, attention, or love. Wounds that make them hostile to others’ beliefs because they were punished as children to ever consider some other way of thought or belief system was ok?  Many different wounds that you may be the only person to help heal, now, in this moment.

You cannot lump everyone into a box of “not worth my time” without that coming to bite you in the butt – such as what is going on right now in the US.  All those people who felt dismissed have risen up and have found a voice together.  Is it a voice of Love and Light? Not to us, but it is their rebellion.  Who cares if they were misguided since they did not research topics or historical behaviors of individuals who covet power – surely that is one reason to feel compassion, for who has not been betrayed by someone who lied to benefit themselves?

Ladders reach up and down, allowing the climber to see different views.  Be the ladder in your environment.  When you listen to someone say something you disagree accept it in the moment – you are not going to spontaneously catch on fire because someone says something to you that you disagree with, nor will you be tainted permanently.

Let me put it out there a little differently.  Who is the narcissist and who is not? When you cannot extend a civil opportunity to someone to hear their opinion are you any different than The Donald?  When you react in fear you are the same as the person who has caused you to fear.

Fear is evil, for fear takes away the ability to think clearly and rationally.  Fear closes down the energy flow through your system, slamming shut the connections from your chakras to the energy of the Divine flowing through you.  Fear isolates you and makes you feel alone and helpless.  That is the desire of fear – to turn you away from the Love that you know exists and the Love that is available to you every minute of the day whenever you want to make time for it.

Look at all the divisiveness among the citizens of this country.  Diversity is a wonderful concept, but the challenge with diversity is in learning to understand the culture that comes in instead of just staying put inside your own home.  When each party refuses to learn or understand what and why others believe what they do, all common ground is eliminated and hostility is created through fear.  Understanding is not agreeing, it is an opportunity for emotionally mature conversation.

What common ground?  For starters, everyone human is human.  We have the same physical and energetic structures.  We all have lessons and challenges to work through and grow from in this lifetime.  We have all lived through difficulties and personal horrors to get to where we are in this moment.  And we are all capable of love and hate, peace and fear, joy and sorrow.  These commonalities are the underbelly of every culture, every religion, every society.

Give respect and learn about the individual who is afraid of someone else.  Fear respected is an opportunity to teach and enlighten.  Fear mocked or denigrated just becomes anger and frustration and resentment and ends up being in a place where they don’t want to see the common ground that exists.

All people are capable of feeling the Divine’s Love – regardless of where they came from or what religion they follow.  Your believing that “this” is the only way to do “anything” is narcissistic; instead, find a way to share information and help others learn and understand that their fear may be justified but it is not warranted.  Faith of all kinds has been responsible for keeping people alive, helping them survive the battles endured.  Just because it may not be the faith you believe in does not mean it should not be respected.

This challenge is going to be hard – but all challenges are difficult for how else will you grow and learn and achieve greater wisdom if challenges were easy?

Truth is very simple.  If you refuse to develop the ability to view with compassion those who disagree with you then you have a VERY long way to go as a Light Worker in developing your connection to the Divine.

The Divine loves each person unconditionally and equally.  You are not more important than anyone else and you are not less important than anyone else.  The Divine loves you regardless of what you do, say, believe, or live JUST as the Divine loves everyone you disagree with in the same way.

This challenge was created by our personal desires to ignore the shadow side of people known and unknown to us.  It is now our responsibility to respond to that challenge not by slinking off and licking our wounds, muttering threats under our breath about “when it is our turn” and declaring “not my president”.  It is not about laying down and giving in to exhaustion and feelings of defeat.  It is about taking the Love of the Divine that flows through you and recognizing that same Love of the Divine in every single person you encounter.

When you acknowledge the Love of the Divine within them, you give them an opportunity to recognize the Divine within you.  It may take multiple meetings before either person recognizes the other, but when you refuse to participate who else is going to be able and willing to share the Light and the Love of the Divine with them?  You may be the only one present and able to bring those essences into the environment to provide others with the opportunities to change.

Be the opportunity.  Face bigotry and fascism and racism and misogyny and disregard for the environment, clean water, and clean energy sources not with hatred, but compassion. Compassion is a beautiful energy that can help others consider thoughts and ideas like no other energy can.

Find that common ground and extend your compassion; create a safe place where each party can share ideas and concepts.  Change can happen, but it takes work and effort and a safe place.  Change that is more than lip service is what is needed.  Because if people only continue with lip service this cycle is going to repeat over and over, again and again.

When you hear others talk dismissively about those they don’t understand, it is your responsibility to stand up and talk with the individual because obviously they did not learn respect for others anywhere else in their life.  It is your responsibility because you do know better, because you know that if Love is not present then Fear will win.  It may be very scary but allow the Love of the Divine that flows through you to strengthen you, to support you, to give you courage to stand up not just for what you feel is right, but for the respect of all individuals.

Recognize the Divine in you and in every other person you encounter.  Only through that Love will permanent change happen.


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Recognize the Divine Within All

Conditional Love is Not Love

We start this lifetime at a certain point, the product of our family’s upbringing, and then when we become “adult” we expect ourselves to know “everything”.  As adults we make our choices and live the results of those choices. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. There is no one out there walking on water and turning bread into wine and yet somehow, the majority of humans beat the hell out of themselves for NOT being perfect.

Instead of berating yourself for not being perfect or deriding those in your life who are also not perfect, let’s try breathing and stepping back.  Let’s give ourselves time to have our emotional response by ourselves, and then go back to the discussion as a rational, respectful human being.  When we look at others, it is imperative that we recognize that they too started out life one way, they have also made many mistakes along the way, and so they too have changed as a result of their choices.  No one stays 100% who they were as a child – that is not what life is about.,


Our feelings are important, they are necessary for growth of the individual as well as they help us recognize boundaries and when things are not correct for us. But when someone uses our emotions against us and tries to intimidate us by name calling and insults, it is time to take a break from that person’s presence in our life – either temporarily or long term.  Only when we stop reacting to emotions created by manipulative individuals can we recognize the manipulation.
2017 is only going to get more “interesting” as it progresses. Emotions are going to overflow and sometimes ugly words do get said. Emotional maturity is necessary to move forward during those times, and to exhibit behavior that is adult instead of childish is important to do when you are an adult. It is ok to disagree with someone’s point of view, but not ok to have a temper tantrum because they don’t switch to your point of view.  It is ok to be passionate about something, but not ok to be hurtful to those who don’t take your POV as “TRUTH”.

Change can be ugly. Change can be painful throughout the process. Once these turbulent times are just a memory, the changes wrought will be assist with self examination and to examine those we have chosen to keep as part of our “family”.

Change helps each of us shed the chaff we have smothered ourselves with over the years.  It keeps us honest and helps us see where we are and where we are not living our values.  It helps us see how often we do not “walk our talk”.  Living by the ethics and morals we spout is so important – for ourselves, not for anyone else.

Everyone is going to be physically alone at some point in their life, if not many times. When you are alone with yourself, can you be still and quiet or do you have to cover it up with noise?  Can you bear to hear only your own thoughts or do you have to be distracted by other drama in the world?  Can you be content knowing that you have done your best every day, regardless of whether that best is equivalent every day?  Can you look hard at yourself and say you have lived your life according to the values you quote to others and be at peace with yourself?
Life is hard.  It is harder when we lie to ourselves, but we only recognize we lie to ourselves when everyone else we have lied to is gone.  Surrender to the quiet, to the peace, to the solitude.  Allow yourself to be brave and to confront that individual inside of you. Everyone has emotional warts.  Everyone has difficulty being human.  This is not new. What is new is that you are now experiencing it in a way you have not done so before.
Now you may even be experiencing a sense of betrayal at what someone else has “done”. Look deep within yourself.  Look closely, look honestly.  Do not flinch away, do not find “something else to do”.  Until you love yourself – warts and all – you will never truly love anyone else.  Not your children, not your partner, not your friends, not your grandchildren for if you offer them love it will be a lie.  If you tell them you love them, you will know exactly how conditional your love is.  And conditional love is not love.
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Conditional Love is Not Love

Putting the Holy back in Holiday

The Christmas holiday season is a very emotionally laden time of the year.  People are reminded of those they loved who have passed and those others they love who are just not in their lives.  Some people are living far away from their family members, some by choice and others because of school, career, or vocation.

The Christmas holiday season can bring to a pin point focus all that was wrong with your family while you were growing up or you may try to believe that your family life was perfect so the sorrow of “what should have been” does not choke the living out of you.

The word Holiday started being used around the 1500s, and evolved out of the Old English word haligdaeg – which simply translated means holy day, a consecrated day, a day where you did not work but focused instead upon the connection you had with your Maker.

Currently, holidays are synonymous with non-religious things – gift giving, holiday dinners, and gatherings for family and friends. The meaning behind holiday is lost by even those who should know.  Instead, churches pander to the masses by promoting to the congregation – pageants that highlight children, scheduling multiple services to celebrate the holiday before and on the day itself.  Some say it is to allow flexibility for those with difficult schedules to attend.  Some say their space is too small to hold their entire congregation in one service that they need to offer multiple opportunities. Or, perhaps it has something to do with the tithes that come in during the holiday season, so close to tax season.  Many excuses are used to explain how religion transitioned holy days into holidays. Yet, while the clergy is, by vocation, meant to service their congregation, where does service come in during a holy day?

If we again turn to the original meaning of the word service, which began to be used in the 1100s, and meaning, we will see that several meanings are available.  Celebration of public worship, act of homage, Mass, and church ceremony are the common meanings.

Christian religious services in the way past were very different than now.  A person was judged for the reverence they showed regarding their religious and spiritual beliefs.  Their connection to God was paramount and on display, not coercing someone to fit into their schedule another potluck on Friday night at the church to raise money.

Is that what service is – giving of time to obtain money?  Where has the spiritual beliefs gone?  To serve means first of all, to guide those you are responsible for helping them develop their spiritual connection to the Maker, to the Creator, to God, to Yahweh, to Muhammad, or to whomever your religion is designed around.  To serve their spiritual needs requires spending time with each person, yet how can that be done in a megachurch environment?  Do any megachurch ministers even know 1/4 of their flock, or do they just know those who donate above a specific level and the rest can be serviced by someone below and someone below the someone below and so on?

To serve, to give of yourself, to give yourself into the service of God.  But who defines what God wants from those who serve?  Maybe God enjoys going to the mall after opening presents and eating dinner, doing some window shopping while waiting for the stores to open to return gifts found wanting.  I don’t find that likely, so again we turn back to the religious organizations who have defined the rules and regulations that create the boundaries of the religion.  Yet, it doesn’t seem they know how to develop that connection to God either.

Centuries ago, a holy day meant everyone spent time in meditation and prayer, searching within to recognize ways to better oneself and identify the areas of improvement,but primarily it was to connect with Spirit and be uplifted emotionally and physically.  You were given the Gift of the Creator’s love in return for your service, prayer, and work.

There are many people in the world today who do not view holidays as a day off from work to relax and play, yet it is not uncommon to find similarities in other environments, though they may not be so extreme as they are in the US.

Yes, it is important to enjoy time with your family during the holidays, yet why don’t you reach out to those you have let drift by or invite and welcome those who are alone to your home so they can allow the loneliness within them to fade even if for just a few hours. This year, why don’t you step back and look at how you spend your time?  Holidays are not about the food, or the parades, the sports events on tv , nor are they about receiving gifts.

This year, why don’t you try to re-establish that connection to Spirit that exists within you, because you need to recognize and feel that connection desperately.  You and you alone are responsible for this task, and it does not need to be a burden.  You don’t need to take an entire day and spend it on your knees – a few moments alone with yourself is all that you need.  That, and the intention to connect with the Divine within you.  Just a few moments and your life could be changed for the better.  What’s better – feeling God within you or eating another piece of pecan pie on the couch almost comatose.


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Putting the Holy back in Holiday

Alternate Interpretation or Actual Meaning?

A little while back I was sent searching for an interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer for a client.  The Lord’s Prayer was written many, many centuries ago in an ancient dialect and thus there is quite the debate on what the Intention really was for this prayer.

Much that was taken and placed within the Christian Bible has been twisted and formed and reformed until eventually the meaning shared today is far from the original text.  This is what happens when the uneducated and uninitiated translate one language to another language and then to another without working with someone who actually knows the intricacies and nuances of that language.

In some cases, there are even words and phrases which never translated well, so an approximation was used instead, and thus in this way the original was watered down.  This is, sadly, the happy day scenario because often the words were taken and twisted to convey the intended meaning of the person interpreting the words, OR, in some cases, the intended meaning was dictated by the person “in charge” and the scribe doing the translation was manipulated into putting down that particular message.  All lead to a twisted meaning and intention of the original, the words or phrases changed into something vastly different.

The English language alone has many dialects and words in one location can have another alternate meaning in another.  The English language has derived over the centuries from the influence of other languages as well, so one could never consider it “pure”.  There are also many countries that have English as a major language and countries develop their own societies which develop their own slang and way of speaking.  SO much room for misunderstanding can exist even if you consider yourself a “native” speaker of the language.

Only when those involved with the translation are intimately familiar with the original language will the translation into a different language will any guarantee of connection to the original material be conveyed with the original meaning.

So we are back to The Lord’s Prayer.  One of the most widely translated and circulated pieces of literature from the Bible.  Shared and used in every culture Christianity has infiltrated.  Yet, what is the true meaning of the original words?  There are many interpretations out there from those who claim to understand the Aramaic it was first written in, but again, my point is that if you are not an intimate user of that (dead) language then how do you really know you are correct?

I encourage everyone reading this to look online, look in books and elsewhere to see how the prayer has been changed not only by a change in language, but by the changes wrought over time.  There have been multiple versions of the Bible, and thus all within was touched by the intention of the person who modified it.  Thus, it is up to the individual to seek out the interpretation that resonates within instead of just continuing to recite the words you were taught by wrote.

Find one that stimulates your soul and helps you feel the Love that was the intention of the prayer.  Only you will recognize which one is your Truth.

Does this stimulate your soul?

Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth,
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
The power, and the glory,
For ever and ever.

Or does this?

Our Father-Mother Who art above and within:
Hallowed be Thy Name in twofold Trinity.
In Wisdom, Love and Equity Thy Kingdom come to all.
Thy will be done, As in Heaven so in Earth.
Give us day by day to partake of Thy holy Bread, and the fruit of the living Vine.
As Thou dost forgive us our trespasses, so may we forgive others who trespass against us.
Shew upon us Thy goodness, that to others we may shew the same.
In the hour of temptation, deliver us from evil.


O Birther! Father- Mother of the Cosmos
Focus your light within us – make it useful.
Create your reign of unity now-
through our fiery hearts and willing hands
Help us love beyond our ideals
and sprout acts of compassion for all creatures.
Animate the earth within us: we then
feel the Wisdom underneath supporting all.
Untangle the knots within
so that we can mend our hearts’ simple ties to each other.
Don’t let surface things delude us,
But free us from what holds us back from our true purpose.
Out of you, the astonishing fire,
Returning light and sound to the cosmos.

Or maybe this?
O cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration.
Soften the ground of our being and carve out a space within us where your Presence can abide.
Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered to bear the fruit of your mission.
Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire.
Endow us with the wisdom to produce and share what each being needs to grow and flourish.
Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us,
as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes.
Do not let us be seduced by that which would divert us from our true purpose,
but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment.
For you are the ground and the fruitful vision, the birth, power and fulfillment,
as all is gathered and made whole once again.
Research.  Don’t just accept what they tell you is the “truth”, that which was drilled into your head as a child! Discover the version that resonates within you, which transforms you through the power of its meaning, which causes you to reach inward towards the Truth.
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Alternate Interpretation or Actual Meaning?

Holding Faith When Your World is Rocked

“What is meant to be will happen.”

“There exists a reason for everything.”

“Every situation holds a lesson from which to grow.”

“There is no such thing as coincidence.”

“Look for the meaning behind the actions and find peace.”

These are sayings that those of us following a spiritual path share amongst ourselves and pass down to our students. But in truth, these are more than platitudes – especially in moments of upheaval, chaos, and crises.  These phrases are the cornerstone of faith, of belief – these words are what holds you upright when you are distressed.  These words are the vow we say to others and to ourselves to illustrate that we believe that all that happens are lessons to be learned.

It is easy to believe that everything has a reason until something hits you smack in the face.  Where does your faith go then?

Does it dissipate into nothing because you feel betrayed, hurt, angry, frustrated, and pitiful and you question everything, including your beliefs?

Do you pick yourself up from the shock and keep moving forward, because you know, even if you don’t believe, that somewhere is the end of the tunnel?

Or, BEFORE anything takes place – before results happen, before actions have knocked the wind out of  your sail, before all that is out of your control lands square in your lap – are you secure in the belief that whatever happens is meant to and are you willing to accept all and move forward and through challenges presented to you, accepting the joy and happiness you encounter along the way as well?

Here in the US we have had a tumultuous election process.  That means for the last two plus years we have been inundated with ugly political rhetoric, ugly names being thrown across the aisle, accusations and declarations have taken place, families being divided through differing beliefs, and I can quite confidently say that no one looked forward to this particular election and no one was unhappy that the day finally came and went.

What I can also say is that my social media feeds and email accounts have been flooded with posturing threats that Trump, when he takes over in January 2017, will encounter as much hatred, as much disruption, as much blocking to any attempts to pass laws that might or might not benefit the average American because that was Obama encountered and that is that.

I ask you now – if you truly believe that everything happens for a reason, if you truly believe that there is a lesson in everything – why are you filled with hate, or gloating, or thoughts of revenge, or just the idea of making someone else miserable because you, in this moment, are either extremely happy or extremely unhappy about your candidate’s election results.

Is the condition of your faith so weak that you are ready to toss the baby out with the dirty bath water because you don’t want to be the “loser” in a race that means nothing overall? By all means, do whatever you feel you need to do in this moment to process your shock and either outrage or joy, but please do remember to check back in with your faith for a reality check on what those emotions are doing to you.

The energy of the planet is changing and things will have to give to make room for the new energies coming in.  Changes will have to take place.  But change is not instantaneous on the human plane.  So – give yourself permission to just let it all go and return to your work of healing and caring for yourself, and caring for your family, your friends, and working towards a goal where everyone can live a life without a police state breathing down your neck.

And please, return back to the place of faith, because all sorts of things are going to test your resolution in your faith, and if you crumple and fail at each one your High Self is trying to convey a message to you.  Will you accept that message or will you continue on with your head in the sand?

The human plane is not meant to be 100% easy.  Or fun.  Or a cakewalk where all you do is show up and walk home with something delicious all for you.  Our spiritual processes echo that – no one walks through a door into enlightenment.  We encounter a lot of different sensations and experiences both happy and grievous and things happen to all of us because we are each living the human existence.  Once we all leave the human plane, we all return to the same place and return to being one with the Creator.

Try to use your faith to assist with shifting your viewpoint a little, so that all is put into a place a reasonable person can relate to.  As with just about everything here, our spiritual process on the earth plane is skewed, out of wack, requiring work to get it running smoothly again.  You are the only one who can do that.

So instead of devolving into self-pity, outrage, and judgment regarding situations you don’t like, remember that humans only grow when they are presented with discomfort and negative stimulation.  Seek within to see what is resonating with those emotions. At this time, take the time to look within and discover what issues have been personally triggered for you by the election, and accept that everything that you experience is designed to help you heal – whether you want to or not.

All situations and occurences are designed to assist each of us with growth; our High Self makes sure we experience exactly what is needed to get us to readjust our way of thinking to allow new possibilities to grow into new opportunities.  Don’t denigrate people or events taking place around you.  This creates negativity that only adds to your challenge of being able to see what is really happening within you.

Many people feel they are not understood, they feel marginalized and that they are viewed as unimportant to those around them.  The use of the mirror effect in these situations is very helpful, because we project onto others what we hold within ourselves.  So – look at your mirror very closely and clean off the smudges so you can clearly see what is actually taking place.  That which you might be accusing others of doing might actually be all you. So pick you and your jaw off the floor, give yourself a little hug, breathe deeply, and bring yourself back in to your center, to your Heart Chakra, and ask to feel the Love from the Light, from Source, from the Creator.  All this life is just an exercise for experience.  It is not the “end all” of experiences, even if that is belief was prevalent where you were raised.

Seek within to feel the vibration that resonates with Love.  Hold onto that.  Run the vibration through your body.  Share that vibration with all you encounter and definitely share it where ever you go.  When you share the Love vibration you change the energy of the place and the people of where you are.  And isn’t Love a much better vibration to be sharing than that of hatred?

Be the Love around you, today and all days moving forward.  Take a position for Love and Peace in this world instead of allowing yourself to be manipulated into being unhappy. Choose to allow only you to declare what will make you happy or unhappy.  You are the only one who can pick the emotion you want to live, so again, I ask you to choose Love. Choose Peace.  Choose Hope.  And then disengage from expectation and instead, accept that whatever happens, happens for a reason.

Love truly is all there is.


© 2016 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Holding Faith When Your World is Rocked

No One Will Want Me

I was recently working with a client who told to me they were having trouble finding their voice.  The concern was that in a field of thousands that they were not “unique” and had “nothing new to say” and the conversation ended with “No one will want me”.

I know that feeling.  There is always going to be someone out there who is more charismatic, more flashy, more marketing oriented, more “something” that you don’t think you are.  Basically – you feel they don’t have your “failing” and thus your voice doesn’t need to be heard, so why bother putting yourself out there and risk rejection?  Or worse, end up being completely ignored?

Back in 1999, I used to go to (net?). I loved it.  There were SO MANY different types of people who saw things differently than people in my normal, day to day life.  So many people would add articles and items to that site that were new to me and I would spend hours reading on their when I could. It was a site that anyone could contribute to and back then it filled a very important purpose because people did not have their own individual sites.  You were lucky if you had your own individual email account. This site was a place where your voice could be heard and it was such an amazing gift while it lasted.

I know it helped many people by providing information that was just not available any where else.  This site was also not designed for the “gurus” who wanted to make a name for themselves; everyone was welcome to visit and to contribute. It broke my heart when the owner shut the site down because there were thousands of articles on that site, going back many years.  I cringe to think of all the information lost because I don’t think there was any other place that information was available.

I don’t remember what his name was, but he caught caught my attention one day.  He had written what we would now call a blog, but back then was just an article.  He was explaining to his readers that he had stopped writing the book that he had been working on because just that week someone else had published a book on the same subject.  He had looked over that book and decided that since his book would cover the same information it was pointless for him to keep working on his.  “The information was already out there, so why duplicate it?”

I remember that statement so clearly.  I remember how it struck deep within me.  I still remember where I was sitting when I read those words, and how those words made me feel so sad.

A year or so later, I had started meditating regularly and had started having these conversations in my head while I walked every night.  I enjoyed the conversations, they were pretty cool and always about metaphysical things that I did not think about during the day, during my “normal” life.

I was getting massages back then to help alleviate the pain from a back injury I had sustained and started, naturally, to tell my massage therapist all about it.

Af the end of the conversation, she asked me if I had ever heard of a particular writer in the metaphysical field.  I had never heard the name before much less the history of that person’s books or audio tape series based upon those books.  My massage therapist explained to me that she had just finished listening to this woman’s 8 tape cassette series. She went on to tell me that everything I was telling her had been in those tapes.

I was floored. This conversation really made me think.  She ended our session by promising to bring me the tapes to borrow so I could hear it all for myself.  The next time I took those tapes home and started listening to them every spare minute I had.  And it was true – EVERYTHING that had been shared with me was in that material.

I had never heard of her or had access to any of her work – there was no doubt about that. So where did I get all the ideas that I had shared with my MT?  I did not belong to any groups where I could have overheard the conversation.  I was pretty well sequestered at that time since I was not working outside the house and the internet really was just in its beginning stages.

It took me just a little while to realize that it had not been just me talking to myself, but that I was actually having real conversations with my High Self and that it was my HS who had been sharing all this really cool information with me.

I was not wanting to publish this information – I had just thought it was a bunch of really cool ideas that I had wanted to share with someone I thought might appreciate it.  Then, the man I referenced above popped into my head.  I had received my information from a non-human source, which is probably how that author had as well, so it did not mean the information was invalid.  It was just that it had all been shared with the world already. What was the point of doing anything with the information or of telling people the really cool way it had been given to me.

Would the author have cared if I had published the material I had been given?  In the litigious happy condition the US has been in since the 80’s I am sure I would have been forced to deal with stuff that would not have been right or fair because it had been given to me by Spirit, not stolen from this author.

So, I set my information to the side and just continued doing the work I was doing to get myself back into a better state of health.  The negative side effect of that decision was that I also shut my HS out of my mind while walking after that – I did not want to receive any more information that could be potentially dangerous to my pitiful financial status as it was at that point.

But time and again over the years, the same situation in different ways has presented itself to me to review and consider and make a decision.  Can I provide something unique to those who come to me that will help them?  Is the information already out there in some format?  If so, why bother spending my time putting it out there if it was not going to truly be different from what was available.

When I finished my Reiki III Apprenticeship, I was really challenged by this concept. I had not gone into Reiki III with the intention to teach.  I had gone into it because my guides had said I needed to do it.  I had taught during the 12 months of my apprenticeship and with there being a lot of Reiki teachers in North Carolina did I really need to be yet another?  Others had more experience and others seemed to be more in tune with their gifts and so on and so on.  Why put myself out there when the field was very full?

Teaching at that point was not my focus anyway because Archangel Michael had taken over my education and was teaching me his Cleansing Work, removing detritus and demons from individuals and spaces and my time was very occupied with that work.

But still, I would get nudges to provide services to people and or to teach them Reiki and even to teach Michael’s Cleansing Work.  This was not a hobby – this was my vocation and I took it very seriously.  Finally I was forced to make the decision on how I wanted to place myself within the community.

I decided that if someone needed MY specific help, needed MY specific teaching method, if someone needed something specifically from ME, then Spirit would need to bring them to me.  I was not going to advertise, I was not going to go sell myself within the crowded crowded environment where everyone promoted themselves as unique”, even though they sharing the same information that others were.

I fully support everyone sharing their gifts and abilities in the ways that they are designed to do it.  I was just not comfortable with some individuals’ proclamations about how wonderful they were.  I was also not comfortable with how some people just used energy work as just another revenue avenue.

Different people go into energy work for different reasons.  Somewhere along the way, the ethical individual looks closely at what they are doing and why they are doing it. Unfortunately, there have been enough people to make it to ‘rock star’ status within the energy community that newcomers don’t come in to help others.  They don’t want to work with their neighbors, family, and friends.  No – they want to be the next Deepak Chopra, the next Wayne Dyer.  They want to fill stadiums with people jumping up and down to come see them, to buy their books and audio recordings, and to take exotic trips with their idols to far away places.  And, they want to make lots of money while inspiring people to do this.

Some of these individuals actually came to me for a session, hoping I would tell them that yes, it was their path to be rich and famous, that they would inspire many people along their way, that “whatever” work they wanted to do was IT.  This was what they wanted to hear from me – not the Truth.  I don’t worry about disappointing individuals during sessions – they were guided to me so I could channel messages from their HS, their guides, their Angelics and Light Beings.  I don’t whip stuff out of my hiney – I just channel the information to the client.  I have lost count over the years of the number of individuals came to me for validation of their greatness and left disappointed with the information they received.

I can not and I will not provide anyone with “what they want to hear”.  I feel for them, I truly do, but I don’t lie to anyone and I certainly will not break my ethical standards just because someone wants instant gratification regarding a dream instead of doing the time consuming work to discover who they are and what their gifts and path are.

I have one young woman get furious with me this year.  She had just graduated from college and had decided she would set up a Reiki center in town.  She was going to do really well because she knew it was what she was supposed to do.  Well, she came to me for validation of her desires and left very upset because that not the message she received.  In fact, she was given remarkably clear instruction on what she was needing to do, but she rejected it violently because she only wanted to hear what she had already planned to do.

I explain up front to each of my clients that I channel information from Light Beings so they each understand clearly exactly what I provide.  I don’t make stuff up so the client leaves “happy”.  I am a channel, a tool Spirit uses to relay messages to those who need them.  I don’t even remember 99% of what is relayed during the session once complete.  I tell everyone to record the messages on their phone if they can and I empnasize the need for them to ask questions as they come up during the session because I don’t have any information once the session is over.  I only provide the method for the message to be given.

Do I feel rejected when clients leave upset, angry to have spent money when they did not get what they want?  No.  I trust Spirit gives them the message they need to hear.

In an environment with readers, psychics and practitioners of all kinds of modalities, how do I stay fresh, how do I stay marketable, how do I keep people’s attention on me so they refer others as well as come back time and again?

I don’t.

I don’t worry about that “business” stuff at all.  It is not necessary, you see.  I do what Spirit tells me to do – if I need to work with a client or even when I need to help someone who cannot pay.  I do the work as I have been taught and guided to do and I TRUST that Spirit will bring to me those who need my specific gifts and abilities.  I TRUST that Spirit will provide me with the income I need to meet my bills every month one way or another.

I am blessed with my life and my lifestyle.  I know I am blessed because I can actually live this way right now and I know it is because I do what I am told to do.  Even when it is scary, even when I am hanging out there on a teeny tiny branch, when I am making myself a target, vulnerable to rejection and ugliness by others.  I obey even when a financial hit takes place and I am afraid of what will happen next.  I buckle down and I do what I am told to do because I trust Spirit to provide what I need to survive.  I trust Spirit will bring to me those who need me.

Trust is a topic I talk about a lot with my students and my clients.  I was not raised with any form of religious or spiritual content.  I went to church with some friends or family members now and again, but I was never indoctrinated into any particular belief system.


I am channeling a book right now for publishing.  A book that started out a couple of years ago that was completely different.  A book that was not flowing because I was hesitant for some of the material I had planned to present has been covered previously, in one format or another.  But I had a number of people ask me for a book, so I set out to do one.

Well, it never really went far and I did not want to put anything out there unless I was proud of it.  I did not want to expose myself to the ugliness some people harbor within themselves.  I did not want to be rejected for living authentically yet I did not want to reinforce the belief that by living authentically I would be rejected for being different.

The book was never completed and I refused to put out electronically what was completed because it does not provide information new to an environment overwhelmed by those who only see the spiritual and energy work community for what they can exploit.

Well, last spring I received a visit from Archangel Gabriel – he have a habbit of popping in every now and again – and he provided me with extremely clear instructions on what I needed to do.  Gabriel wants this information put out there ASAP.  Let me tell you – when Gabriel wants you to have a message you will GET IT.  He’s a doll, but he is also very particular about how he wants things said and the order things are to go in and he does not take “no” for an answer.

I read the information after I channel it; I have to edit for spelling errors and to make sure sentences sound correct for humans to understand.  It is difficult for words to properly, much less coherently, express visions shared during this work.  It is amazing, though, even when I am challenged by the various ideas presented in this material.

The content Gabriel is channeling through me will challenge what is considered “fact” by those who consider their religious beliefs sacrosanct even though the books were written by people who we would now consider primitive.  I will be challenged on how to publish this book when the time comes.  Whether to use my real name or use a nom de plume. There is concern how some will act if they ever read this information, for it will rock the foundations of their world.

Do I worry that my book will be rejected?  Do I worry that it will be ignored or that no one will want to read it  No – I just do what Gabriel tells me to do and I trust that the rest will follow in accordance with Divine Alignment.

Blessings to you; may you also live in Divine Alignment.


© 2016 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

No One Will Want Me