Humans, Spirituality, and Demons

There is a Truth regarding the human plane – each person resonates with his/her own frequency and that frequency aligns with Spirit along a particular energy Path.  Each Path is different and is designed to pull individuals who resonate in alignment to it, though each person is free to walk away through the right of their free will.

Sometimes one walks into a Path and tests it out and realizes it is not right; sometimes one is immediately repulsed by the energy and turns away; sometimes one finds the correct Path and sails down it at full stream.

Sometimes we are drawn to a Path because it will help us with our lessons in this lifetime…and then once the lesson is learned we discontinue our journey down that particular Path.

As spiritual beings in human form, we have the right to test any and all waters to find that which resonates with us individually.  Conventional society, however, sometimes restricts our choices and because of our conditioning we may choose to not seek anything outside the status quo.  That is also a choice and cannot be blamed elsewhere once one has achieved 18 years o f age.

When we are uneducated and unaware we don’t always recognize when we don’t resonate with a particular energy frequency.  We may be caught up in the personality of the leader or maybe we are caught up with an idea or concept or dream and don’t recognize or maybe even understand the discomfort that exists from the energy clash.

In my experience, people who lead acquire power and influence over others (regardless of whether money is concerned); this situation leaves the leaders open to a particular type of demonic that feeds off that situation.  If this leader is unaware of this situational vulnerability, or they compound the issue with the belief that they are immune to being influenced because of faith, will, strength of personality, etc., then they can draw others into their vulnerability and possibly cause harm to those individuals on multiple levels.  While it may not be intentional, when one falls under the influence of the demonics then one loses awareness of the situation and the demonic will exert itself and do as it wishes, regardless of whom it harms.

There are many things I could write upon here, different ideas I could extrapolate upon, but in a nutshell what I have to say is very simple.

No human being is exempt from demonics or their influence. 

I believe leaders, in particular, have a responsibility to their constituents (of any flavor) to provide a safe place for those individuals to participate in whatever the mission of the group is, and that the leaders need to lead with transparency and openness.  In my experience that happens very rarely, though.  What usually happens is that the leader, at some point, begins to believe that they are the authority and power, when, in fact, the power and authority are always with the people.

When that happens, when a leader holds the belief (consciously or unconsciously) that they are superior over their constituents, when a leader attempts to limit a participant’s opportunity for growth and information, or when a leader manipulates a participant of the group, then they are creating an environment of harm.  This harm will involve both the leader and any and all unprotected individuals seeking the leader’s attention.

Even if the intention of the group is of the highest and best good, once the leader succumbs to demonic influence, the demonic vibration will over-write and energy frequency of the Path and will create a resonance dissonance.  What this means is that once the demonic has gained hold of the leader, the underlying energy frequency changes to the demonics’ energies while there is a superficial energy frequency of the original Path.  If one is sensitive, one will feel this clash of energies and that provides the participants with an opportunity to recognize that the Path is no longer being followed by that group.

If the participants do not recognize this dissonance and/or do not make attempts to protect themselves then they too will become vulnerable to the demonics that have taken hold of the leader.

© 2013 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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