Blossom and Grow – Select the Correct Teacher/Practitioner for YOU!

Years ago, I was lost.  I was missing “something” but I was lost and unsure of what that “something” was or where to find it.  Over the years, life circumstances occurred and I discovered that “something” and it changed my life.  I would love to say my life has become roses and wine since then, but that would be a flat out lie.  The truth is, all those individuals out there who are teaching how to do this or how to do that are still human and their life is still imperfect.  Why do I say this?  I say this because it is very important for each person to understand that while you are on a magical journey right now, putting teachers and lecturers on a pedestal is not going to help you one little bit. In fact, it can hurt your potential growth because you will compare yourself to them instead of looking at them with eyes of discernment.

We each have a path on this planet; a path that exists because we are human.  Even those who have forsaken goods and lifestyles and joined some form of religious organization are human and thus they are not immune to being human, having human emotions, making bad human decisions, or (gasp) of failing.

I say this as someone who was raised to be a good child, to listen to my elders, to respect those who were in positions of authority and who was raised to be a people pleaser.  We won’t go into the societal/cultural reasons of why here – that is not the point.  The point is that I recognized, thankfully very early in my spiritual quest, that the few human teachers I had were very human – and thus not put on a pedestal.

What is wrong with a pedestal?  Many things.  Mostly, when you put someone on a pedestal when they finally do something to fall off that pedestal we are filled with negative emotions and judgments.  We put them on the pedestal in our minds, yet we blame them for being (gasp) human.  This goes across the spectrum – whether it is a teacher, a boss/supervisor, a lover, a friend – no one human is immune from being that very fallible individual.  Yes, place respect where it is due and watch with discernment and make decisions appropriate to your highest and best good.  Good job.

But…what about that person who sets themselves up as a guru?  That person who tells you that if you give them your energy, your time, your money they will work transformations in your life.  They will transform YOU into the vision they/you think you ought to be.  My advice?  Walk away very quickly and don’t look back.

I personally love the Dalai Lama.  I have friended his Facebook page so I get to see his occasional quotes appear in my feed.  I would love to meet the Dalai Lama and my elder daughter would love to just hug the DL for at least 15 minutes.  But the Dalai Lama is a man, regardless if you believe he is reincarnated or not.  Would I listen to advice he gave me?  Sure, I would.  But before I acted on anything I would always check with my Higher Self and my guides and teachers and then verify how I felt about it.  Because as wise as he is – I am responsible for my actions and my choices and my free will.  No one else is responsible for me but me.

I have known a couple people who ended up getting caught up into cults.  One was a place where they actually lived together, the other pretended it was not a cult.  But for each of the individuals the cult leader became their messiah and they craved his approval and did whatever was necessary to receive that approval.  No one should have that kind of power over others, regardless of the environment.  Why?  Because people are humans and are prone to making mistakes and prone to thinking selfishly.

So, when you are out there seeking that “something” that is missing, use discernment.  You have the right to ask teachers what their background is, what have they done that gives them the right to hang a shingle and call themselves a teacher?  What experience do they have to help you through this part of your life experience?  Will they do that as needed or do they expect you to pay for extra sessions to help you deal with the changes in your life?  (Run from those – they are not ethical.)  Do they just use the same process over and over regardless of the student, or do they tailor the experience for the student?

As a Reiki teacher, I taught every student the tenets of Reiki, the process of giving self and others Reiki, and I taught the basics of the energy system so they understood what was happening to them with every attunement they received.  I spent time with each student to discuss what was happening to them during their transformation, I helped them decipher what they were experiencing, and I pointed them in a direction via guidance I received from their Guides and Angels.  The material in many ways is specific, but the individual receives their own experience.  I charged the standard rate for the classes, but I did not charge for “extra” help as needed.  I did not tell them they needed a “session” with me when what they needed was a conversation and some guidance.  It was my responsibility as soon as I accepted them as a student to help guide them in every way that I could.  Which is why I always ask my guides if it is appropriate for someone to be a student of mine or if it is appropriate for them to be a client, etc.  I am selective because my guides make me selective.

This is how teaching in the spiritual world should be, in my opinion.  I believe that teachers who only teach a certain way and that way is “their” way, and they don’t tailor to help their students are missing the point of being teachers.

Yes, it is wonderful to learn a technique, such as accessing the Akashic Records.  But I personally know three ways to access them – two of them without learning a prayer to do so.  No – don’t get huffy – I am not knocking the prayer process.  What I am saying is that eventually each person in their spiritual growth needs to take what they have learned, from wherever they have learned it and make it work for them, their path, and their gifts.  Not everyone’s gifts are the same.  Period.  The person who taught you X modality is not identical to you.  So you take what that person taught you and you make it yours.

STOP.  I do not mean take it and sell it as a new modality as so many people seem to think they have the right to do.  Is commercialization of the spiritual world freaking necessary?  Everything that you have learned has been known for forever.  Not a single thing is new.  The Universal Consciousness has kept all knowledge safe for eternity and I hate to break it to you, but what you are trying to sell is not brand new or unique.  Nothing is.  So stop trying to create a niche product for yourself.  Go back into the commercial environment already, please!  Just as Jesus threw the money lenders out of the temple I wish I could throw out those trying to make a buck off people struggling to decipher their way through their spiritual process.

Use your gifts and experience to help yourself and others.  And by all means, teach how you made it work for you.  But remember – the person truly on the spiritual path is not seeking a way to market their product to make money.  They are putting themselves out there to help the people who are drawn to them and they charge a fair price for the energy exchange. As they say, “When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears.”

Practitioners who make their living off energy work can be hard pressed at times to turn away those who are not meant to be their students, or to turn away potential clients because they have to make the rent.  So – buyer beware.  Ask questions; here is a list of them.   Find out if your teacher follows the wisdom of the Universe or if they follow the tenets of capitalism.  It never hurts to shop around to find a teacher or practitioner.

Remember…when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  There is a reason for everything.  If the person is meant to teach you, they will be ready to teach you when you are ready to accept them.  Free will, free will choice.  Use discernment to help yourself.  If someone is doing a hard sell for you to use their product, their services, take their classes, whatever – step back.  Breathe.  Don’t make a decision just because they are trying to get you to make a decision.  Make the decision when it is the correct time for you.

Because chances are, you are a people pleaser like me.  And we like to make people happy – sometimes at the detriment of ourselves.  And taking a class or using the services of the wrong practitioner can warp your experiences moving forward…sometimes for your whole life.  No – I am not being overly dramatic.  This is important.

Spiritual work is not entertainment, so you should give it the respect it deserves.  Respect it, respect yourselves.  Ask Spirit to bring you the correct practitioner to help you, to teach you, and then be discerning when people appear.  Make the right choice for you in your own time.

I will add one additional point.  I know some lovely practitioners who have lovely energy and who are personable and with whom I love to spend time.  But just because they are personable does not mean that I would let them teach me or work on me.  So don’t allow yourself to be swayed by personality either.  Use discernment. Ask for Guidance.  Use discernment some more.  Wait, if you have to.  They have cards – get ones from those with whom you resonate. It is a wonderful thing when you find the correct teacher for you.  It allows you to blossom and grow!

© 2015  Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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