Another Cog in the Wheel

I have the questionable fortune of having been born with an Aquarius moon.  I accepted my Cancer Sun and my Virgo Rising years ago as I appreciated the various qualities those signs brought into my personality, but my Aquarius moon has never felt like a strength to me.  My Cancer nature makes me nurture those in my life, both professionally as well as personally, but the inability to finish and maintain long-term goals and dreams stemming from the fluidic nature of Aquarius has not helped much.

I love going to school and learning new things, but halfway through the classes I find that I am bored and want to do something different.  I love the challenge of accepting a new position, but I usually learn 90% of my job within two months and thus I find myself bored at the 90 day mark .

I know I was born to work with Archangel Michael and I know that I am the Avatar of Archangel Ariel, chosen prior to this lifetime to promote his messages and bring his ray of energy into focus on this plane.  While I have found these connections spiritually satisfying on many levels and that they have definitely changed my life, one does not live off spiritual connection alone.  So one tries to find something to do to earn a living making the best use of the information and skills learned through one’s spiritual process.  This is normal for our society.  Money is required to buy food, pay the rent, buy clothing, etc. for survival.  So even spiritual teachers have to find a way to bring in money to pay the bills.

What is also normal for the human world is for unscrupulous individuals to make a living off the hard-earned money of gullible people who are merely seeking understanding for a world different than their normal one.  Gullible because for some reason, people enter into this venture called spirituality and think that people are going to stop being human beings with numerous personality flaws.  Time and again, the news breaks stories of some religious leader, cult leader or (self) proclaimed guru who has been found to have squandered away money meant for their cause, who took advantage of the standing in his or her community to further their own selfish gains, or in the more extreme cases, someone who caused those who look up to that leader to take action that was ultimately detrimental to his or her self and highest and best good.

Regardless of where you look today, marketing people have latched onto the spiritual community and have abused, battered, and badgered those seeking a deeper level of understanding of their spiritual nature, of who they are, of what they can do or be, with packaged marketing deals to help each and every person part with their cash.  Welcome to the commercialization of spirituality, people.  Hope you have deep pockets because those email advertisements you are being bombarded with cost money and you will pay dearly for that guru to teach you their shtick.

If you actually believe that some person can actually make you acquire internal knowledge and a connection with spirit in a heartbeat’s time for a large amount of money, if you believe that this guru knows everything monks throughout Europe spent their entire lives discovering and can impart it to you within less than the hours in a week, I want you to know I have some real estate deals for you.

I have waited years…over 10 now…for the people I have met throughout the spiritual community to demand the exit of these entrepreneurs so that these same people could again focus on spirituality and not money, focus on learning the truth within and not marketing styles and tips, focus on living honesty within and without and not being false prophets who make wild promises.  But no, time and again I receive emails forwarded to me from peers, friends, and students exclaiming about this new “guru” who appeared from no where yet claims to have discovered all the secrets of the universe.  The worst of it all is watching my peers jump on the bandwagon called commercialism and start down the path dictated by money, not Spirit.

There is a reason why people retreated to monasteries to discover God.  And if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would find me a place to build a monastery so people could retreat from the greed and commercialism that has overtaken this segment of society just as it has the rest of the American culture.

I want to say this.  I know there are many people who were drawn to teaching students what they themselves learned.  There are people out there who have learned modalities that helped them discover their gifts and abilities, people who understand the yearning that comes from within to touch the face of God, and these people will not bilk anyone for hundreds or thousands of dollars for a weekend course.  Find those teachers, seek them out, for wisdom does not come from fancy websites, it does not come from mass marketed emails, it does not come from holding seminars or attending a talk show with a “free” give-away.  Get referrals, talk to people who have worked with the teachers, and spend the time to figure out if this is the teacher for you.

I am going to follow up this blog in the next few months with a list of questions to use when interviewing prospective teachers.  This list presents valid questions that anyone authentic will be grateful for the opportunity to answer.  Teachers need students; marketers need buyers.  Find value in being a student and turn your back on becoming yet another cog in the wheel.

© 2015 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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