The Path of Honoring the Highest and Best Good

What does it mean to honor one’s highest and best good?  This has been a key concept in student/client conversations lately.  What does it mean and how does it work?

I would like to think that everyone who travels the Spiritual Path seeks an answer inside of them to this.  The meaning may change and grow over time and develop into a totally different meaning than where you started and that is as it should be!

Not everyone has the ability to hear the Angelics and while I feel very blessed with the Gifts I have, sometimes I never get the chance to fully develop a concept on my own because they are there, ready to tell me what it means or what it should be!  🙂  There are times I call them the peanut gallery because having a half dozen archangels yapping their opinion at you – and they all have one – can get quite raucous.  In a good way, of course!

So – via the Archangels, here is a simplified view of how to live the Path of honoring the highest and best good without going into a ton of complexities.

First – honoring the highest and best good means has absolutely nothing with being nice.  One should always strive to be kind and have compassion, but too many people I encounter think being nice and allowing someone to behave however they want equals honoring one’s highest and best good.

Allowing someone to behave as they choose may be an example of accepting another’s Free Will to make choices as they choose, but it is not the same as honoring one’s highest and best good.

When you look to honor someone’s highest and best good, several things need to take place simultaneously.  First – you step FAR away from judgement.  Judgement has no place here – that is ego and if you truly want to live the path of highest and best good then you turn your back on judgement and tell it to go away.

Second – look and find within your personal connection to Spirit.  When you are on the spiritual path then you should be in daily contact with Spirit through meditation or other means.  The vibration of Spirit is extremely high and not many people can sustain the connection for long periods of duration but it is always there when you seek it.  So – you have a question about someone – especially your self – seek the connection because that is where Truth will be.

Truth and judgement cannot exist in the same place.  Judgement negates Truth and that is not what Honoring is about.

So – we set aside judgement and seek Truth through our connection with Spirit.

Third – ask to be connected to the Guides or Higher Self of the person you wish to honor.  Keeping personal interpretation to a minimum is vital as it reinforces that this is not about your ego, but rather this is about understanding what Spirit intended and the Higher Self hopes for.

Once that is done then we Ask with Humility.  No human is All Knowing, but we each have a connection to the Creator who is.  So we Ask – with Humility – for the Creator to share the knowledge we need to honor this person’s highest and best good.

Each human lifetime is approved by Spirit, created by Spirit, and is embedded with the blueprint that outlines the Higher Self’s goals and other things.  When you want to ask about your own Highest and Best Good the information is not ever far away from you – you carry it with you daily.  As does everyone.

So, for an example, you are an energy worker who meets someone who is interested in learning more and is trying to find a direction for their life.  The Path of Honoring this person’s Highest and Best Good is to Step Back from Judgement, Connect with Spirit, and Ask with Humility how you can best be of service to this individual.

How you can best BE OF SERVICE to this individual.

This is not about servicing your needs.  I know many wonderful Lightworkers and we all have to meet our bills at the end of the month. Some of these individuals are content to stop with, “Spirit sent this person to me, so this must mean they are here to help me pay my bills.”

No – that is not what this is about.  When you take on the role of Lightworker teacher you are agreeing to help bring in more Light into this World and a huge part of that is honoring those who come to you.

Part of being a Lightworker is developing and growing Trust in Spirit. Yes, we need money to keep going as that is the way this world is, but when when someone appears in your life you do the correct thing – you check with Spirit and, if necessary, send that person on to the appropriate teacher.  This is not short changing yourself.  You are being obedient to Spirit.

Spirit will always meet your needs. When you obey Spirit and Honor every individual’s Highest and Best Good, your needs are taken care of and you won’t go without.  (Need does NOT equal greed.)  So have faith and act upon the belief that you are taken care of and will be taken care of – now and in the future – and ask how you can serve that person’s highest and best good.

This simple process allows you to honor the person and honor yourself at the same time and eliminates negative emotions like fear from the scene.

I strongly recommend that teachers touch base regularly with their students’ highest and best good to make sure they are continuing to be the best teacher for each stage of the student’s progress.  It may be that a good Reiki teacher is not the best crystal work teacher for the student.  Or maybe the student’s highest and best good is served by learning past life regression and the current teacher does not do that type of work.  When one is honoring one’s students by regularly checking in with Spirit then ALL will be served.

But what if you live with someone who is not on a spiritual path with you? What if you live with someone who thinks you are crazy or just stupid for your beliefs and your Free Will choice is to stay with that person even with those circumstances.  Does that mean Honoring the Highest and Best Good goes out the window?

No.  This is a case where it is even more important to do these steps regularly so that you are in a place where you are receiving Love and Support from Spirit as well as staying in touch with your highest and best good.

It also allows you to stay in a place of perspective where you can view the individuals in your life as the spiritual presences in human form that they are, even though they are living a different Path than you.

There are many circumstances and situations where this particular scenario can play out.  And in the case where it involves family members you may have to take extra time to reinforce those steps away from judgement and steps towards Humility in Asking.  For many different reasons, many individuals resist the idea that they need to treat their family members with kindness, compassion, and respect.

Many times it is because of the familiarity with belonging to the same family, knowing the person for the majority of his or her human lifetime.  I say this is the absolute reason why it is imperative to project kindness and compassion to that person.  You have known this person for a long time, but because of that familiarity what you really know is a vision of the person you keep in your mind and heart in a box from a time long ago. That box keeps them static instead of recognizing them as a person, someone whose life is fluidic and affected by the events that go on in their life.

Keeping that individual in the box in your mind and heart is NOT honoring their highest and best good.  You change; you have experienced life events and daily events that affect your mood, behaviors, beliefs and everything in between.  Yet you keep your family members inside a box – let them out already.  You may not like who they really are or you might love them better.  But unless you are putting the time into getting to know your family members on a daily basis and treating them with kindness and compassion you are not honoring their highest and best good.

These are just two examples of where you might encounter the need to honor the highest and best good of yourself and those around you.  The Truth is that this is a process that should be done daily with those you encounter.

I hope this helps to clarify the issue some.  Any questions, send them to me.

© 2016 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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