Fear and Its’ Manifestations

What is fear?  We think it is an emotion, but what about when you have a physical reaction as well?  Is it emotional and physical?  What about when the physical inundates the energetic and your auric/etheric layers shrink down and pull in?  What about when you are so fearful that your heart chakra starts palpating and spasms make you feel as if you are about to have a heart attack?  Is this really all due to a purely emotional situation?

I believe the answer to be quite transparently, “no”.  So often in human form we get caught up in the human experience and forget to look beyond the human into the energetic.  While fear may be considered healthy at times, for it can save one’s life when one is in danger, when one considers the negative side effects that can be clearly felt – emotionally and physically – and sensed/seen on the energetic levels it benefits individuals to step back and find a place of grounding instead of succumbing to the fear.

Fear exists in our imagination for the most part.  We visualize an event or situation and allow ourselves to project into that visualization instead of seeing the “now” and realizing that the negative has not and may not ever occur.  It seems real to us in that moment, but when we step back we allow those in the ‘know’ – our Higher Selves, our Guides, and even the Creator – to show us a more balanced reality.

But it can take time.  As humans we cannot just shut off our emotional states – it is not healthy for us to do so.  And it is during those moments of wild emotional, physical, and energetic states where damage can take place.  A forced shut chakra needs to be re-opened and it can easily take three to four times as long to reopen it as it took to shut it down.  It takes time, focus, and energy to relax and push back into shape our etheric fields.  It can take three to four times longer (if not way longer) to get our energetic self back into a “healthy” place than it takes to calm our breath and still our minds.

Recently, I experienced a visitation from someone dear to my heart who lives far away from me.  We have not been able to see each other in many years due to our life circumstances and relationships but we have agreed that when those circumstances change for us both that we will get together to share some wine and spend many hours catching up.  I believe I can say for us both that the love we share is significant.  During this visitation, I was told that this dear one had made a decision to depart at the next Window.  It was shocking and unexpected and went against all the plans we had made together.  I spiraled into fear.  I was frozen in place, then I began to react emotionally, then physically, and then energetically.

I am not one to put my energy into future planning, but once I had processed my fear response I realized how much of my “now” me energy I had projected into that “future” me.  My guides had used the tool of Fear to help me understand that it was not energetically acceptable to do this with my energy and since I apparently did not clue into the hints they must have presented to me, they hit me full in the face with my hypocrisy.

Life is meant to be lived now, in the now, at this moment.  When one projects one’s energy into future events one is not fully living the now and will not be able to fully live the future event, should it occur.  The energy imbalances that this energy projection creates in the energetic and physical form can lead to illness and dis-ease, because one’s energy has been reserved and put away instead of being used for one’s well being.

Fear has many faces and fear has many reactions.  But the undiscussed effects are long lasting and deserve consideration.  Take the time now to review where you are and where your energy is.  It may shock you to find out how much is displaced instead of utilized in the “now”.

© 2016 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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