Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and Contracts

For years I have been fielding questions from students and clients about when their Twin Flame was going to arrive in their life – potentially to make their life end like a Disney fairy tale.  I have told them, time and again, the difference between the idyllic dream they have and the truth that exists.  Here in this blog I will break it down again.

Every human comes into this plane of existence with multiple contracts and agreements with others.  These contracts and agreements exist to help both parties experience opportunities for growth.  How these contracts and agreements are fulfilled depends upon each person’s free will choices.

With some of these contracts and agreements the individual will come in, stay for however long the agreement is viable, and then depart.  Some stay around for many years, some stay for very short periods of time, and others never leave.  It all depends upon the contract and/or agreement.

Some agreements are with other souls that may or may not have shared experiences with you in other lifetimes.  Some agreements are made within your soul family – the place where you began your existence and where you will return.  Agreements between other souls can be short and long term – it just depends upon what the agreement is.  You have an agreement/contract with one of your parents to be born to them.  An example is this – if the agreement is with your father and he departed before you were born, the free will choices he made will affect you for the rest of your life.  You will look high and low for reasons why he left, you will go through bouts of despair and self hatred and a multitude of other feelings until you reach a place of forgiveness and love for yourself.

Our parents bring us into the earth plane, they condition and teach us to survive in the society in which we are born, and they also traumatize us and fill us with wounds to heal during the rest of our lives.  It is a complex agreement and many times it takes us until the latter part of our lifetimes to find peace with our parents.  And if we are lucky, we have learned enough by the time we have our own children to not pass 100% of our trauma unto them.

Soul family agreements are generally significant and time sensitive – for these members of your family know how important it is for you to grow and they love you so much that they will do what is necessary.  Many times, this “do what is necessary” involves hurting you very badly.  Betrayals are very common; trampling your feelings are very common; treating you badly is very common.

Why?  Because they know that pain is one of the most fertile growth environments for humans.  Pain challenges you – will you rise above or will you sink?  Will you work your way to forgiveness – this takes a lot of work but the only way to learn forgiveness is to have a reason to forgive someone else.  Living in a sunny “happy ever after” environment has never caused a human to grow beyond their current status, so pain exists as a stimulant.  It may sound “mean” but the truth is that these soul family agreements are blessings to help you meet and grow past your potential.  And that is exactly what your Higher Self hopes will be achieved.

Twin Flames is a term that came out within the last 20 years or so, and was waved around madly by those who wanted to believe that out there, somewhere, was someone who was “perfect” for him or or.  Someone who would just “click” and there would be happiness eternal in life.

Again – that is not what life is about.  I know it is crushing to read and many people will turn away because it does not fit their model of what life should be like.  There are many things that life is, but one thing life is not meant to be is idyllic and happy.  Where would you grow to?  Why would you seek out the Creator or anything outside of yourself if life was perfect?

But what about Twin Flames?  Are they not supposed to be your other half?  Yes and no.  I have read a lot of rubbish published about Twin Flames and nothing that ever addresses the spiritual aspect in accordance to what the Angelics have taught me.  Twin Flames occur when your Higher Self splits “you” in two and you both are incarnated during the same time frame on the same plane of existence.

What people don’t understand, however, about Twin Flames is that you have the same lessons to learn.  The traumas and pain you each experience will provide opportunities for growth.  Somewhere along your lifetime, you will encounter your Twin Flame IF YOU HAVE ONE, but because you each have experienced lessons and growth opportunities along the way you are different individuals.  You each have wounds that need to be healed and you each will have a different vibrational resonance within.

So – in theory you could repulse each other with the dissonance between or you could draw to each other like a moth to the flame.  But it does not stop there.  Just because you encounter your Twin Flame does NOT mean he or she stops growing or stops having incidents for growth.  You will each continue to have your opportunities as humans and as humans with Free Will there is no guarantee that any “happy ever after” is even on the books.

It is more likely that you have in place agreements and contracts with other souls to have long term relationships than it is to have such an agreement with a Twin Flame.  I have encountered multiple situations where a couple insisted they were each others “twin flame” and/or “soul mate” where I was told by the Akashic Guardians instead that they had contracts and agreements in place.

In the past I have encountered individuals who threw away their lives and relationships with spouse and children to run off with someone who was said “twin flame/soul mate” only to have that relationship blow up  after a few short months or even a year.  I have worked with individuals who have felt this overwhelming emotional response to another yet had the sense to know that they still valued their relationships with their spouse and children.  In each of these cases, the Akashic Records relayed the information regarding numerous lifetimes that were bleeding into this lifetime, requiring the action to reduce the dissonance.

Sometimes a compulsion is just a compulsion – and sometimes love is love.  Each person is required to live their life according to the Free Will choices they make – and the results of those choices are also what they live with at the end.  Love is a wonderful thing, but Correct Action requires that we are each responsible for our Free Will choices and thus, we must each perform due diligence to verify is a choice is in our Highest and Best good.

One thing to remember is that contracts and agreements all work hand in hand – and sometimes they are but nuanced differences of a greater lesson.  Choices can be tricky at times when contracts and agreements are in action, for acting on some of them will also be in our Highest and Best good.  Sometimes THAT highest and best good choice leads to harder lessons to live where if one had chosen to choose respect and love for the contract/agreement in place the result would have been a less painful result.

When you can actively check with your Guidance and yet instead ignore that Guidance to act upon what you want to do, I can pretty much guarantee that you will be choosing the harder lesson path.

Regardless, it is all good, and I respect your Free Will choice to make these decisions.  I would just counsel you to attempt to live with Correct Action and to check your Guidance in all things – especially when you want something that is overwhelming your emotions.

© 2016 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

© 2016 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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