The Shift Series-Part 1: Healing when Shifts Occur

I have been provided with information via the Angelics to share regarding the Shifts we have been experiencing.  These Energy Shifts are a Gift to humans as we can use them as a platform to heal and grow.  If you are feeling the Shifts then this is a signal that this is a key opportunity for growth for you.  You should should spend more time daily with meditation, energy work (such as Reiki and yoga), and digging into your psyche while being painfully honest to see where you can help yourself the most.

The Earth has been experiencing energetic Shifts for several decades now, and will continue to experience these occurrences for several more decades.  These Shifts are part of a cycle that occurs every thousand years or so.  One goal of the Shifts is to adjust the energetic vibration of the planet and shift it to a higher vibration. This adjustment provides opportunity for growth everywhere on the planet, especially for humans as our personal vibrational spectrum is shifted as a result as well.  Each shift targets different chakras in the human energy spectrum, so amazing healing can take place during these times.

Most of my students and clients have felt the current shift affecting them energetically since February 2016; I received quite a bit of feedback from some as they thought they were under energetic attack.  I believe, even as disconcerting and disorienting they may feel, Shifts are wonderful and I embrace wholly the idea that we each should take advantage of each of them as they allow for expanded healing opportunities. This particular shift is targeted on the 5th and 6th chakra range and below I have listed some common experiences to help identify if you are being affected.

The 5th chakra, located in the throat area, is the location of Discernment in Truth as well as the location for Speaking One’s Truth.  It is the physical location for the manifestation for Channeling as well.  When Shifts like this occur, it is easy to feel a choking sensation, easy to gag on food or drink that you would normally not be affected by, and develop illnesses centered within the throat area, such as strep throat or tonsillitis.

The 6th chakra is called the inner eye, and is located in the brow area.  The Gifts associated with this chakra include Clairvoyance (the ability to see without “walls”), Clairaudience (communicate telepathically with those outside the human realm), and Claircognizance (a sense of knowing).  The word “walls” is used here to illustrate energetic boundaries (such as seeing auras, etc.) and it can mean seeing emotionally without boundaries (recognizing when people are hiding things from you or are lying to you) and many variations in between.  The 6th chakra Gifts have numerous iterations and some people get frustrated hoping they have one iteration only to find out they don’t.

This current shift may create blinding headaches, ear aches, and vertigo issues since the inner ears can be affected. One may experience a heavy allergic reaction or even develop sinus infections.  One can also experience deep emotional reactions as one releases holds and boxes that one has put emotions and situations into to keep them contained and hidden from oneself.

While most people desire the result that healing brings, significant healing is not instantaneous.  Healing of an issue can take place spontaneously, but generally that only occurs when one has been working on other issues. I am asked frequently that if the Angels can heal us why don’t they?  Simply put, because that is not their job.  It is your job. You have made free will choices all your life to get you to this place.  Now you are X years old and it is up to you to take on the responsibility to heal yourself, gaining wisdom to see the larger picture that is your life.

I am often asked, “what should I do?  how should I start?” and I can recommend several things to do and most are easily available.  First, if your ability to Communicate is limited you may want to seek out the services of an intuitive healing practitioner who possesses a strong Clairaudience and preferably one who has been trained in Reiki or is a Medical Medium.  This person will be able to Communicate with your Guides and Higher self, identify the locations in your body where there are energy blockages, and help identify the issues that require your healing now.  Be specific with this person on your goals at this time to get the best results for your money.

Meditation is an excellent modality to begin bringing your body back into homeostasis. Through meditation you can calm the mind and allow the body to tell you where the issue resides.  Through meditation you can communicate with your Higher Self and this Source will be able to tell you everything you need to know regarding the issue and how to heal it. through meditation you can learn to bring in energy from the Creator to provide you with the Love vibration.  There are many videos online to assist you with learning how to meditate, yet learning to meditate with a trained practitioner allows you receive instruction on how to do certain things that may not be intuitive to you, such as centering or grounding.

You can also help yourself with daily Reiki sessions and by doing Yoga.  Both are energy modalities and both assist the body’s energy flow. Reiki can be experienced through the services of a practitioner or you can take a class to learn to do it yourself.  After just receiving your first Reiki attunement you can begin to do it daily, integrating it into your daily regime for maintaining your physical and emotional health.

Yoga can be done at home, but when you are in a class environment the teacher can answer your questions and give pointed instruction whereas the internet or a video tape cannot.  Many people are intimidated by yoga, but taking a chair yoga or a beginner’s yoga class is perfect for the healing process as it accomplishes what is needed – to discover where blockages are and to get the body’s energy flowing!  And who knows – you may find you enjoy yoga and can incorporate it into your daily regime as well.

All of these modalities assist you with healing your body by improving the energy flow through the body.  One should always pay attention to one’s body when doing an energy modality of any kind. One excellent reason to pay a trained practitioner for a session is that these individuals can help identify specific locations where blockages are and help you release those blockages, thus allowing the energy to flow thus allowing the body to heal itself.

You may only need one or two sessions or you may require several sessions with a practitioner, but I guarantee the sessions will make deeper inroads on your healing process than simply going it alone if you don’t have these skills or abilities developed. The body stores different issues in specific chakras and when a chakra is blocked or has limited flow then illness can occur.  When one releases the blockage and energy begins to flow again then the emotions that originally caused the blockage will rise up and one must embrace those emotions to allow for healing.  A practitioner can buffer the experience and assist you with releasing the emotions without becoming overcome by them.

Another excellent reason for having a practitioner assist you is that it allows you to focus only on what your body and energy are telling you. When you allow a practitioner to help you, you allow yourself to fully immerse in the healing experience.  Energy modalities provide you with a process to identify pain and damage yet most require a small part of your consciousness to maintain the process.  You must truly desire to heal and grow otherwise you will tamp those emotions back down and create another blockage, thus perpetuating the dis-ease cycle.  The practitioner can also provide you with other resources and suggestions to help you help yourself further.

Another method, and not by any means the least, to add to your daily regime for healing is by Calling upon the energy of the Angelics and by ASKING them to help you heal.  If you don’t have a particular angel you resonate with, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel are excellent for providing healing assistance.  Yeshua, Mother Mary, and Miriam all work with Raphael as well and are Ascended Masters from the Human realm who can assist you.

Angelic healing is a higher vibration than what humans can channel directly and it can work wonders.  Once you have called upon the healing angels, call upon Archangel Michael to assist through the removal of detritus that will be attached to these issues.  This is vital as it will allow your energy spectrum to shift to a higher vibration than previously held – and this is an excellent thing to do.

Remember, the Shifts provide humans with an opportunity to grow through healing.  In the second part of our Shift Series we will convey the information shared to us from the Angelics on how our energy bodies are changing as a result of the Shifts.


© 2016 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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