The Shift Series – Part 2: Dream Time Work

As discussed during Part 1 of the Shift Series,Planetary Shifts occur regularly enough that as conscious humans we should make every effort to utilize these time periods to dig deep within ourselves to release our hurts and traumas.  Why, you ask, would you want to do this?  Because the Planetary Shift energy is a more complex energy vibration than what normally occurs on the earth plane.  One of the intentions within its design is to cause, assist, and propel energetic change a step further on the energetic spectrum of this planet.

As residents currently on the planet, humans have the ability to access this Shift vibration and use it for healing and growth.  Each Planetary Shift affects different chakras and auric/etheric bodies of the human physical/energetic form.  Since the Shift vibration is powerful, significant healing can take place.

We discussed in Part 1 different modalities and practices that could be utilized to assist with the human healing process.  We also stated some common physical side effects to the issues rising for healing purposes.  But what happens when you don’t recognize these symptoms and side effects and you don’t have someone available to point them out to you. Is this opportunity wasted?  Are you doomed to never heal and grow?

Absolutely not – this is not a wasted opportunity nor are you doomed to never heal and grow.  This Shift Cycle began in the 1970’s, so most people alive today have been experiencing the effects of this energy even without realizing it consciously.  Conscious healing and growth allows you to direct the path of your healing, but that does not mean it is the only way healing takes place.  Many times your Higher Self, Guides, Guardians, Loved Ones, and the Angelics use the Shifts as opportunities to work during Dream Time.

Since Dream Time work takes place during sleep it can have the effect, upon waking, to feel as if you did not have any rest at all.  In some cases of exceptionally deep work, you may actually feel as if you were physically abused during the night, and you may feel emotionally unstable upon rising.  Your initial reaction to this might be to think, “oh no, I don’t want to do this type of work!” but allow me explain why this type of work is extremely beneficial and in many cases necessary.

Humans shy away from pain, whether that pain is real, perceived, or imagined.  This is not an uncommon trait as animals have also been shown to avoid things that they believe cause pain. However, humans are complex creatures who can consciously, and often do, make difficult choices.  Humans can also live a long life span nowadays.  This gives more than ample amounts of time for hurts, issues, and traumas to be encapsulated within.  It is easy to say, “oh, she just needs to get over that already!” when encountering someone else’s pain, but to dig deep within and deal with the pain that formed our early years is something else entirely.

When faced with the opportunity to clean the toilet or deal with one’s poo poo pile, the average individual will find a reason to clean the toilet.  Dealing with the pain bottled and boxed up within is viewed as too daunting and exhausting and even when people say they want to deal with it, procrastination will run rampant.  And regardless of how you may decide you are going to do something with this situation, the pain will dictate that you avoid dealing with the situation.

So then Dream Time work occurs.  It bears stating that Dream Time work occurs all the time – not just when Shift energy is present.  But when Dream Time work occurs during Shift time, it can dig even deeper than normal.  So, what is Dream Time work, you ask?

Your Higher Self knows everything about you – you cannot hide anything from your Higher Self because you are a piece of your Higher Self and your Higher Self had a good idea of the different possibilities that might happen while you are incarnated here on the Earth plane – the “good” and the “bad” things, everything and all.  So your Higher Self knows these things are locked deep within you and your Higher Self knows that these things need to be released for you to have the best opportunity for healing and growth.

So your Higher Self and the Team will go within your energetic forms and constructs while your physical form is asleep and “dig” these issues out.  They cannot force you to heal, but they can unearth your issues and bring them “closer” to your conscious state of being. They cannot make you heal and they respect your Free Will, so they will allow you the opportunity to become aware of this issue that requires work.

Some people are so adamant, so stubborn, that they will continue to refuse to look directly at their pain even when it stares them in the face.  Sometimes the dreams you have during Dream Work are chaotic, a mixed blend of craziness that makes no sense to the conscious mind.  Yet the dreams are what is needed on the energetic level to assist with the healing process.  Analyzing them may or many not reveal the hidden meaning to you, but you are the only one who will ever benefit from your dreams, so taking the time to meditate upon them may provide you with both understanding and growth.

This sounds like a very simple process – “digging” issues out to help you grow, but why does it leave you feeling physically abused?  Very simply put, your physical form is created and maintained on the earth plane by your energetic state.  When issues are dug out, that means they have gone into layers deep within your energy bodies and constructs and forced the issue out – just as you might do the same to a splinter that is lodged deep within the tissue of your foot or thumb. The relief of getting the splinter out is huge, but the side effect is that the tissue that had been housing and surrounding the splinter feels sore.

Emotionally, however, things are even worse.  If it were merely a splinter, once pulled out and discarded you could forget about it!  When a wound is brought to the surface, however, instead of the emotions just flowing away like water, they instead become paramount. They scream for your attention, they demand that you take action, any action, which can have negative side effects if you are not paying attention.  This demand will stay present and if you are not paying attention you may not have a clue how you are acting out because of these feelings – regardless of what they are.  Some of the feelings you experience can manifest as anger, helplessness, distrust, even paranoia, as well as many other nuanced emotional states.

Please – do not repress these emotions again.  There are front and center for a REASON! Now it is time to do your conscious healing work.  Allow yourself some time for meditation and contemplation, and ask your Team to bring you the answer, to show you what the root issue is, in a conscious manner for you to understand.  Many times these deeply hidden wounds are extremely painful memories from when you were a small child with no understanding or reason, just a tiny being living in an emotional state learning how to be human.

Respect that, honor that, and realize that this wound has been having an impact upon you your whole life even though it was buried deep within you.  No pill is going to make the pain go away, no amount of therapy sessions will make the pain go away, nothing that you take in except Love will help this situation heal.  And that is what we advise – self care! Self care through taking the time to honor your pain, honor the wound you have been carrying for so long.  By respecting and honoring your pain you will shift from the mentality of ignoring it to one of acceptance and then on to desire for it to be healed. This is a great time period to continue to care for yourself with modalities and sessions that provide you with clarity and comfort, and remember to fill yourself with the Light.  Do your yoga, your dance, your meditations, get your massages, reflexology, and Reiki! These things all provide for opportunities for Light to flow within you.

Your Higher Self, your Angelics, Guides, Guardians, and Loved Ones are all spiritual beings of Light.  Your spiritual presence is Light.  Refilling with the Light, embracing and taking in the Light of the Divine will allow these Light Beings to help you heal on a level you cannot do on your own.  Healing is not logical, healing is not a formula – the healing process is unique for each person and many times you will try different things that may not work.  So try something else.  As many times as necessary until you get it right and start to heal.

Be gentle with yourself.  Don’t make demands that you heal instantly.  Don’t get mad at yourself that your healing is not happening on a time table you set up in your mind. Healing does not work that way and if you keep trying to force the process to behave a certain way you are dooming yourself to disappointment and regret.  Healing is not a quick process, so don’t expect yourself to process something buried for so long in a day, a week, or even a month!  Some wounds may take a year or more to heal – honor the fact that your healing process is NOT the same any one else’s and if it takes longer than “hers” did, that’s ok.

Once the healing process starts things may be rocky.  Be prepared for that – as other wounds may try to demand your attention.  Do not repress them, but allow yourself to focus on one thing at a time, otherwise you will feel as if you are living in a room full of toddlers all wanting a cooking and drink at the same time – chaos will have erupted and no healing will take place that day!  And when a day blows up that way, accept it and don’t berate yourself.  Everyone has those days and the only thing you can do at that point is smile and give yourself some slack.

So what does it feel like when a wound is healed?  How will you know?  What can you expect to occur?  Peace. You will no longer be a hair trigger from unconscious emotions. The wound will no longer be festering within you, so detritus that has collected to bring your attention to that wound will be released.  You will feel energetically lighter, you will feel emotionally more stable, you will feel relief from not having “that” bother you any longer.

And for those of you asking, everyone has issues buried deeply within.  The Shifts are wonderful times to take advantage of, to allow healing to take place on all levels and in all times and places.  A wise man once said that if you wanted to help the world heal, heal yourself first and the world will follow.  By helping yourself heal you will indeed be helping those around you at the same time.  Eventually you may reach a place where you are able to educate those who come to you in regards to this basic lesson – everyone needs healing. Just as everyone needs Love, everyone needs healing.  Release judgment and move towards discernment so that you can help yourself as well as others.

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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