The Shift Series – Part 3: Energy System Structural Changes

Yoga is thought to have existed for between 5,000 and 10,000 years.  Many of the understandings of the human energy system shared through various modalities can claim kinship to Yoga because much of the basis of knowledge came from Yogic teachings.

Today we would like to address how the Shifts are directly affecting the energetic composition of the human energy system. For those not familiar with my Work, this information has been channeled from Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel and they believe it is important for the information to be placed into the human consciousness at this point in time.

In the previous two Shift posts, we explained how the Planetary Shifts occur periodically for varying lengths of time, with the purpose of assisting the Earth plane to shift to a higher vibration within the spectrum.  We stated that while these Shifts are designed for the Earth plane, humans also benefit by the Shifts.  In today’s post we will elaborate on some of the changes that have been and are happening now to the human energy system.

In brief, the human form is maintained by the energy system.  The human energy system is quite complex for it has multiple purposes and responsibilities.

There are two main purposes to the human energy system.  The first is to maintain a physical form of existence on the Earth plane.  Without a physical form the human existence does not occur and once the physical existence ends the spiritual presence returns to its’ natural state of existence.

The second purpose is to maintain the spiritual presence’s inhabitation of the human form.  Each human first began his or her incarnation as a spiritual presence.  The details of the how and why are not pertinent at this point.  Each spiritual presence enters into the human form immediately prior to the birth experience.  The next few years are spent acclimating to an entirely different form of existence and acquiring social conditioning for survival in this inhospitable new environment.  Much of the spiritual presence’s natural energy is spent to create and maintain the connection to the human form and the Earth plane, which is also supplemented by energy from the Divine.

There are a number of energetic systems that work cooperatively to maintain the physical form.  The Core is the first and most important of the system components. The Core connects each presence to the physical Earth plane while also maintaining a connection with the spiritual presence from which they derive.  The Core also houses the individual’s Blueprint, which contains pertinent details regarding the Life Path of the individual as well as the lessons, contracts, and agreements for the life experience.

Within the energy system are chakras; energy portals or vortices that regulate and modulate the flow of energy within the human physical form to maintain a state of ease and homeostasis.  While the majority of the chakras exist within the physical form, there are a number that exist within the energy form and system.  When the chakras do not function properly, due to blockages, detritus captured within, and etc., the physical form suffers and develops dis-ease in the physical, emotional, and mental states.

Within the physical form, helping energy flow throughout, are meridians.  These too, can become blocked and prevented from working properly and contribute to multiple issues the human form can develop emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Along with meridians are the energy pathways that connect chakras to the other chakras and those pathways that connect the chakras to the various energy bodies that surround and encompass the physical form.  These too, can be blocked from facilitating proper energy flow to detrimental effect upon the human physical.

It has been long believed that these systems are static, unchanging, and immutable. However, the truth is that the human energy systems are evolving with assistance from the Planetary Shifts.

The common understanding regarding chakras is that there exists seven (7) chakras in the human form.  The truth is that there are many more chakras in addition to these seven. There are chakras within every joint in the body as well as many more along the Core.  All contribute in maintaining the emotional, mental, and physical harmony of the human form.

The energy of the Shifts during this most recent episode has been affecting the 5th and the 6th chakras.  In what way, you might ask?  In particular, the energy is helping to expand and develop the complexity of the chakras’ composition as well as the pathways in and out of the chakras.

Within the 6th chakra center is the 6b chakra, located at the base of the skull, sometimes called the “Mouth of God”, and it is developing and enlarging even more so than it has been.  This chakra is known as a conduit used by Archangel Gabriel to communicate with humans on the Earth plane and its’ expansion means good news down the road for those who desire clearer communication with the Angelics and the Divine.

The 5th chakra is also developing a sub chakra, located between the top of the shoulder blades in the back.  This 5b chakra will allow for deeper levels of discernment and a stronger level of empathetic projection.  At this point, the chakra is just emerging and it will be quite some time before it is able to be activated, but in the future it will be easier than it currently is now to discern energetic vibrations.

Energy is also being sent to the Heart chakra center during this time.  The heart chakra center, known as the 4th chakra, already has two sub chakras – the lower heart chakra and the high heart chakra.  The lower heart chakra allows for deep levels of compassion while the high heart chakra focuses on Divine Love.  It is also the focal point for communication with one’s Higher Self.

Now, there are an additional two sub chakras developing during this Planetary Shift.  Not everyone will have these chakras emerge at this point, and for some individuals they may never emerge in this lifetime.  These two chakras are the right sub chakra and the left sub chakra. The right sub chakra will amplify the vibration for Peace while the left sub chakra will amplify the vibration for Mercy.

Again, the lower heart chakra and the high heart chakra have been in existence for some time though for many individuals their personal vibration is not at a high enough level for them to have opened and start functioning.  It will take some time for the chakras to emerge and then it could be many years before individuals have reached the particular vibration necessary for the chakras to open.

A word about the chakras emerging and opening.  When this occurs, one can experience physical discomfort in the affected areas without being aware of the energetic reasons why.  The physical discomfort can even trigger a physical response in the body, so that one might develop an illness in the related area.

For example, many individuals are experiencing sinus infections during this particular Shift.  In many cases, they simply have no clue why out of the blue they have one when they have never had one before.  Some are experiencing allergies when they have never had allergies before.  This discomfort is due to the Shift energy affecting the 6th chakra. When treated energetically the symptoms have been disappearing fairly rapidly.

The human form has a number of auric or energy bodies surrounding it.  Many beliefs hold that there are only 7 energy bodies.  My teachings and experiences hold forth that the human form has over 34 energetic bodies and this number will continue to grow as the human energy system continues to develop.  Each energy body connects to a particular chakra and assists the chakra with processing the various emotional, mental, and physical experiences the human has throughout his or her lifetime.  Detritus is also housed within the energy forms for they adhere to wounds and negative situations that the human has not healed and processed.

The human energy system is quite complex, and it is only going to continue to grow in complexity through the years as human beings develop further into compassionate, caring individuals who are capable of seeing, hearing, living, and speaking the Truth of the Divine.

As the committed human works to heal their wounds and grow, releases the detritus attached to its energy system, that individual has the opportunity to shift his or her personal vibration higher.  This will lead to one’s Gifts manifesting more clearly, but more importantly, the ability to commune with the Divine will become easier for that individual as there will be less interference preventing the experience.

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Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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