When we embrace Love, we Live Love

I was able to spend some time this weekend with a group of practitioners who all do business at the Center I operate part-time out of in Chicagoland.  (Message me if you want the address.)  Not all the practitioners were able to be there as it was a holiday weekend, but the ones who were there are the same ones I have been able to get to know slowly over the last few months.

There is a sort of kinship among us, a shared understanding and a shared joy of facilitating the client’s healing, the client’s growth, and deep satisfaction that our clients have trusted us to educate them on their path to knowledge. This may seem as if it a no-brainer, a common occurrence, but indeed the truth is indeed “not”.  Many individuals in the Lightworker community are not truly in a place removed from fear – and it is usually a fear ingrained about finances, about fear of lack instead of trust in prosperity.  They may teach others to manifest their goals, but many energy teachers and practitioners have yet to heal their own wounds and move forward into living fully in the Light.

This is not a criticism – it is merely discernment.  I am not judging these individuals – I sought understanding for a long time because I was confounded at how, in a place with so many Reiki practitioners and others working in various Light and Energy modalities how they could be so cut throat, so subversive and passive aggressive, and work to eliminate those they perceived as “their competition” – even to the point of taking down the fliers and business cards of those they disliked and throwing them away from the public posting areas of stores and businesses friendly to Light Workers.

Recently I even experienced a situation where someone to whom I referred a client for a different modality tried to have my client change over and work with her husband – claiming her husband did the same type of work as me and that she felt my client would be in trusted hands.

Did I feel my trust had been misplaced?  Did I feel betrayed?  Did I call the practitioner and demand to know why she did what she did?  No.  For me, there was no need.  While I had felt a bubble of hurt, the Truth of the situation rushed in and I remembered why there was no cause for betrayal or hurt.

When you Trust in Spirit, when you Trust in the Abundance and the Prosperity that the Creator can and will create for you when you are ready, when you Follow and Serve as you are directed to, there is no room for insecurity or feelings of lack.  Instead, the call is for discernment, the ability to analyze the situation calmly and rationally, and allow yourself to realize that the other person is not at the same place you are?

Some time ago, I was unsure of where my Path was taking me.  I have an abundance of Gifts and Abilities, many of which other Light Workers share.  Those Gifts and Abilities many not manifest in exactly the same way, but when you Trust that each person is serving the Highest and Best good for each individual then you must parlay that Trust into acceptance that Spirit is going to lead the student to the correct teacher and that Spirit is going to lead the client to the correct practitioner.

I always advocate that each person must be responsible for his or her self, his or her practice, and his or her client’s highest and best good and always, always, always check with Spirit before working with someone.  To me, that is the Correct Action to take.  In that spirit, if you are meant to be a light worker/practitioner then you must Trust Spirit to support you by bringing you abundance and prosperity.

So what is the difference between Trusting and trying eliminate competition?  Fear.  Fear will lead you to undermine someone’s trust in another.  Fear will cause you to be unprofessional, lead you to talk behind a peer’s back, try to convince a potential client to see you instead of your fellow Light Worker.  Trust will allow you to present your abilities fully and faithfully, not exaggerating your abilities or saying outright lies that you can work miracles with the client.   Because if we are totally honest about this – and we always do try to be totally (sometimes brutally) honest, WE don’t do anything, do we?

We, each of us, are vessels, we are facilitators, we channel information and energy from the Creator to our clients.  Unless someone is just whipping everything out of their backside and making it up along the way – shame shame on you!  But as vessels for Spirit everything we receive and share is because we are allowed to do this work.

Yes, Spirit does care about your integrity – why would Spirit NOT care about your integrity? Do you think that Spirit does not notice when you act out of Fear, are spiteful, are a backstabbing, self centered person?  Of course Spirit knows!  And Spirit LOVES you!  Spirit will let you do whatever you choose to do – that is your Free Will choice!

But let’s not forget that your Higher Self is the one responsible for your lessons and has the responsibility to help you learn your lessons in this lifetime.  And, sometimes, when a situation has been created, it may take a karmic situation to resolve it – sometimes in another lifetime, sometimes in this lifetime by someone else participating to help you learn it.  Do not take for granted anything and do not take for granted that your Higher Self is going to let your behavior slide.  I know for a fact that Higher Selves don’t believe in letting things slide one tiny bit.

But that is where abundance also plays a part.  When you manifest “abundance” that means you are placing energy into the bucket of “what you deserve” and Trusting that you will receive it.  You want to receive it all – you know you do – but when you operate out of Fear you don’t always think about what it is you are manifesting in its entirety.  That is why you will encounter some Light Workers who bemoan their “bad luck” or are perturbed when “things don’t go to plan” or are truly upset when their manifested vision is not in alignment with what they had thought they would get.

Truly – the lesson is discernment.  To realize that everything that comes to you is a gift and a blessing, an opportunity for you to grow in Light through acceptance and good humor, even when things happen that are painful to you.  For everything happens for a reason.

So – to get back to this idea of Light Workers being competitive and undermining their peers.  Don’t do it – don’t emulate behavior that you don’t appreciate.  Remember the Golden Rule?  Look it up and try to realize that no one trusts the person who behaves in this manner and there are plenty of individuals who, as soon as your back is turned, will tell tales  to everyone they know about what you said and did.

Next, work on your self-perception and your self-confidence.  Take music as an example. There are thousands of songs played on the radio every day, with dozens of different genres.  The numbers are even higher when you take into account internet and satellite radio.  Yet even if the song is written by one person, each time someone does a cover of that song it will be different.  It could be a male singer instead of a female singer.  It could be have a country bend instead of a pop focus.  The song could be sung faster or slower – the artist makes it different so they can make it “theirs” and hopefully achieve fame and money and record more songs.

What does music have to do with Light Workers?  Some people will turn the station as soon as they hear a country song.  Others will listen and decide that they liked “so and so’s” cover better.  But someone out there will say, “wow!  This song is great!  This person speaks directly to me like no one else ever has.”

And that is how it is relevant to Light Workers.  TRUST that there are people out there who need your Gifts and Abilities and MANIFEST that Spirit bring them into your Path so you can help them!  Trust that this will happen and it will.  Walk the Talk.

There are some people who are exact copies of their teachers, who were exact copies of their teacher’s teacher because that is how they were taught to be.  That does not mean anything except it is your responsibility to be as authentically “you” as you can be.  And learn to take rejection with grace, for it is not that they are rejecting “you” but it is that they are still seeking the correct person to help them.  Such a world of difference when you look at it that way.

Many times we don’t find the people we can truly help until we realize the person needing our attention is ourselves.  “Physician, heal thyself,” is a quote that has been around a long time and it is still quite valid.  Don’t stop working on yourself, keep learning and growing, develop your Trust in Spirit deeper, allow your Gifts and Abilities to continue to manifest.  All with the goal of achieving your Highest and Best Good.  And it will happen.

The Light Worker environment does not need Marketing people to come in and tell people how to market their work, how to grow their company.  That knowledge is within each of us – do unto others as you would have done to you.  Treat people with kindness, honesty, openness, charity, and Love everyone equally.  For when we embrace Love we Live Love.

Who could ask for a better job or a better way of life?


2016 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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