From Uncertainty to the Real You

Everyone has moments when they are uncertain.  Even the most confident person in the world has periods of uncertainty in who they are, what they are doing, and where they want to go.  For some of us, these moments of uncertainty led us to our spiritual path, our energy work, doing something outside of the box of “standard, normal life” and created the opportunity for us to discover a passion that burned deep within ourselves that was not lit until we uncovered it.

But what happens when you are hit with uncertainty AFTER you thought you discovered your “thing”?  Is that a sign of deficiency?

Was I wrong about my passion?
Everyone else seems better at it than me – maybe I should just stop and go back to my real world job?
How can I feel uncertain if I am living my passion?
What am I doing wrong?

These are all questions every person asks themselves at some point in time.  If we are true to our integrity we give ourselves time to answer the question.  If not, we cover the question back up and keep on our not-so-merry way.

What happens when you find your passion, but everyone else does it a different way than you?  Are you wrong about how you do it?  Comparing oneself to others is the sure way to injure your self-esteem and self-worth, so approaching the way you do things as different and equal is a much better way to keep yourself motivated.  Accept that you are an innovator who is drawn to the same result, but just find it easier/better for you to do it “this way” than “that way”.  In the “real world” it is easy to find those people, but for some reason in the Light Worker world it is not as easily accepted.  So – accept yourself as you are for you are the product of your gifts and realize that someone will be drawn to you and the way you do things and this is good.

Energy modalities are no different than any other aspect of our modern life.  While other people may be more charismatic than you are, that personality trait does not invalidate YOU and WHAT YOU DO!  It may mean only that the other person has the ability to speak better to others and that is something that comes with practice to everyone.

Look deep within you – YOU have a message to send out to the world.  The seed of that message is within you and will develop into a full blown tree once you give yourself the Light and Energy it needs.  Your life, your experiences, your joys, and your failures will provide someone the opportunity to relate your challenges to theirs.  You can provide someone with the faith and the hope that if you made it through all the “stuff” you went through, then they can succeed and overcome too!

No, maybe you will never be “the” teacher everyone wants to meet.  Maybe you will not be a best selling author, touring around the world telling everyone your story.  Maybe you won’t have a tv show and be able to give away cars to the attendees.  Or, maybe you can!

You won’t know what you will be able to do until you work past your indecision, your uncertainty, your inability to see into the future because you are about to create it.  Create your future by allowing yourself the opportunity to have it.

So how do you do this?  You start with making one decision – just one!  A decision that is going to be positive for you, that will help you see that you can do positive things.  Maybe you feel like a fraud because you don’t do X in your life – well, change that!  Do X every day for a month and see how it makes you feel.  And then add Y to you life for a month.

One of the things I advocate to my students is meditating.  Meditate every day, even if only for 10 minutes!  Those 10 minutes a day may change your life in ways you cannot even imagine.  But what else can you do?  How can you change your life from mediocre into spectacular?

Get rid of everything that is not authentic, not real, not valid in your life.  No, not all at once – don’t go crazy!  We are all hoarders in life.  We may not live in rooms where floor to ceiling are stacks of newspapers and magazines, but we hold onto stuff because so-and-so gave it to us.  We put it in a box that gets put on a shelf and the only time we look at it is when we are looking for something else and run across the box and look into it, hoping to find that other item.

These items stored in boxes are a part of you, a wonderful memory that someone thought kindly of you and cared enough to give you something, and you have put your energy into that item.  Even things you bought for yourself, but now you don’t use it, don’t need it, and you just don’t know what to do with it are items that you should part with at this point.

Take down the item – hold it in your hands.  Allow yourself to feel the gratitude and love for the person who gave you the item. If it is something you bought for yourself allow yourself to feel your worthiness and you deserve to have things that you love in your life.

Now – put it in a different box and give it away or have a garage sale.  Allow the joy you had with that item to be discovered by someone else who needs joy in their life.

Once you do this, once you clear the physical space in your home the energy to bring new things into your life will be created; opportunities will occur to bring forward the joy within you waiting to be shared.  Maybe you will discover a book to read, or a beautiful piece of clothing that makes you happy every time you wear it, or a beautiful crystal that speaks to the you deep within.  By creating this space in your home, in your life, you will change the energetic vibration around you.  Space has an energy signature and when you are in the one correct for you, you will find that you can meditate, or write, or provide an opportunity for others to discover what they are missing in their own life.

Once done with creating the physical space it will be time to move on to the mental and emotional hoarding.  We covet our memories and thoughts and feelings just as we do our things.  We refuse to let go of items because they are a tangible, physical tie to those we love yet we do the same thing with our emotions and memories.

There are many ways that people hoard their emotions and memories.  Some people hoard their pain and anger.  Others hoard their resentment and betrayals.  Look deep within yourself to see what it is that you are hoarding.  It is time to heal and release those emotions and memories, because they are holding you back from becoming the you that is deep within.

One example – that box of pictures sitting in the attic, or maybe old love letters.  Why not get rid of them?  We convince ourselves that these physical reminders of our past are a piece of ourselves and we would be violating some unspoken rule  The truth is we hold onto things that cause us pain because there is a part of ourselves that believes we are not worthy of Love.

Take the pictures down out of the attic, go have them transferred electronically onto a disc, and then go have a bonfire.  Look at each picture, relive the moment as best you can, honor who you were THEN, be grateful for the experiences you had and the person you have become, and toss the picture into the fire.  Hold none back – they are captured on the cd, so it will be accessible if you need it, but you need to burn the physical pictures as your energy has been tied into the physical object.  If it gets hard, call upon your Guides, your Angelics, your High Self to support you – that is what they do best!

Burning the picture will release the emotions and energy you have stored in the picture and once burned, will allow you to ask for the energy to be cleansed, raised to the highest vibration, and returned back to you for your highest and best good.  It will be a releasing experience, a refreshing experience, and it will allow you to move FROM the past into your future.

And you deserve it.

Humans have lost the ability to recognize that the past is not where their attention needs to be.  We need to focus on the now and be present in the current moment.  You don’t need to forget the past, for it made you who you are today, but stop using it as a crutch to blame and stop using it as a barrier to hold you back from opportunity.  Allow yourself to release the death grip you have on your items, your emotions, and your memories and allow yourself to heal and move forward into the life you deserve to live.

That uncertainty we talked about earlier?  Once you let go of the idea of who you used to be the energy will be there to discover the you deep within.  Allow yourself the opportunity to become this wonderful you by releasing the past you. All it takes is for you to open this door and take the first steps.  Your High Self will help you along the way.

2016 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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