The Shift Series – Part 4: The Second Chakra

As we discussed in the earlier Shift Series articles, but we will rephrase here so you don’t have to go re-read them for comprehension, the Earth Mother is going through, has been going through, and in the future continue to go through Energetic Shifts for quite a number of years at this point.  These Shifts move the Earth Mother’s energy frequency up the energetic spectrum over a period of time, and though it is a slow process, these Shifts do happen and it is beneficial for her energetic vibration.  For the humans residing with and on the Earth Mother, it is not always a fun experience as things that are repressed within are not comfortable and demand attention.  Now.

Each person holds within them many things to address, a small list of these are: ideas, detritus and demons, wounds and issues – and all require your healing attention.

When these situations become non complacent from the energy Shifts, they start demanding your attention.  Whether that means you become focused on your wound, or focused on thought processes related to issues, or focused on how you negatively resonate (dislike) other individuals (mirror effect), or if you just become a walking nightmare for the people around you will depend entirely upon what needs to be healed within.

Sometimes it is a limiting belief that is preventing you from moving forward with your life path.  Perhaps where trouble begins to appear is the job where you were content to just wait it out until you could retire, or start to do something you really wanted to do.  Perhaps your attention is brought back to you by a physical illness that appears “out of no where”.

Everything happens for a reason.  This is a primary Truth within most Spiritual organizations.  Nothing is a coincidence because all is within the Creator’s Divine plan for you and if something happens it is because YOU need it to happen.

So, if you start to experience discomfort or even physical pain – do more than just run to the doctor for a pill or a shot.  Dig deep into the area and start to peel away the layers you have hid your issues under.  Gather your courage and bring out the scary incidents in your past that have scarred you and helped shape who you are today.

Courage does not involve facing situations that are scary or unpleasant.  Courage is finding the internal strength inside and releasing the web of lies you have told yourself and everyone else over the course of your life.  Courage is releasing the conditioning that your family and society has dumped on you and stepping away from what you were “told” you were supposed to be or supposed to like or supposed to be interested in or even supposed to love and ALLOW that which is in you to surface so you can live your life authentically.

This shift is going to be beneficial to you if you approach the next six or so weeks with the attitude that this experience is being provided for you to release that which is NOT you and to embrace that which is truly you.

I know that this scares a lot of people – the idea of stepping away from your conditioning and the props that society has held you up with by supplying you with something to be even if it is not your true self.  This process can be scary for you and yet, it can also be worse for those in your life if you radically change everything about you because you “need to be free”.  This is not encouragement to stay in the same rut, but we do suggest that you be kind with your changes where they affect others.  They do not know you were lying to yourself AND to them all this time – be honest and be kind and give both of you time to see how these changes will affect your life before you do something that creates negative karma because you choose to behave with emotional immaturity instead of proceeding with wisdom.

So to help recognize at least part of what you may be experiencing, the following information is focused on how this particular Planetary Shift will directly affect the human energy system for the next six weeks.

The next six months is going to be very intense for those who wish to uncover their inner truth.  During this time, the planetary shift is going to focus energy on the 2nd chakra to assist with release and growth in that area of the human energy system. The 2nd chakra is going to be in the process of developing three additional sub chakras that will be to the right, the left, and over the main second chakra.

These sub chakras are not yet present within the human energy system for those who have been living on the earth plane for a while so they will not be immediately available to be opened for some time – they have to develop within the energy system.

Some who are new to the earth plane will have come prepared for this and so these sub chakras will already be developed and will only wait to be opened by their high self at the appropriate time (if not open already).

Some who have been here on the earth plane for a substantial amount of time may find that they do not develop these sub chakras.  This is not uncommon.  It is not because they are unworthy or anything like that – it is because the time they are going to be here further on the earth plane deems it not necessary for them to focus on such an intense energy change as they will have other things to focus on.  And for those questioning, yes, it was known before they incarnated that these Shifts were going to take place so that was all taken into account prior.


The Second Chakra, like all main chakras, is very complex and complicated.  Humans start to move energetically “up” into the second chakra during the ages of 8 – 12 years.  This move is begun when the child begins to recognize that it is an individual separate from its parents and starts to explore what is important to him or her in life.  These ideas if importance are derived from the way the child has been treated all his or her life up to this point in time.

The Second Chakra is the location of where many of the future-adult’s judgments come from as they first judge family, society, the world, and most importantly – themselves – based off what they have internally accepted as correct behavior and standards.  How the family treats behaviors they view as “correct” and how the family treats behaviors that they view as “incorrect” are cornerstones to how the child will grow as an adult. This is not simple and all feed into the far reaching consequences and complications  as the child/adult’s self worthiness, self value, and self love (and others) will all be based off whether they perceive themselves as having “the right amount”.  This will also transfer over to those they encounter in their life.

One example is if one is raised by a family where money is the focal point for all goals, then the child may develop a similar viewpoint where money and wealth are what matters above all else.  This contributes greatly to how the child/future adult places value on the other individuals he or she encounters throughout his or her life.

The reverse is also true – for those families that instill that each person in the world should only use “so much” or have “so much”, the opportunity for judgment will arrive when they are presented by individuals who do not agree with that standard and “have more than their fare share”.

Judgment is obviously very key to this particular chakra, and the basis of value is one of the key challenges associated with the second chakra.  What are the values that you were raised with, indoctrinated to by your family, social environments, friends or even outsiders who entered your life when you were young?

Is it Love?  What is Love, truly?  Real love, not harlequin romance love, not Movie love, but honest, transparent, unconditional love?  Do you love yourself?  Not in a narcissistic manner, but out of self respect and self esteem.  Is it possible to truly love anyone else if you don’t love yourself?

Most people living today have only been taught that love is conditional; the person you view “in love” must meet this criteria and that criteria and if they make choices that you don’t agree with, they are not “perfect” for you.  Judgmental love is prevalent because across the world societies and corporations have been pounding into the heads and hearts of all “what” Love is, what someone who Loves “does” and how they behave.

But really – who is worthy of Love?  Are you worthy of self love and thus able to see that love exists in and for everyone, or do you believe that someone has to do or be ‘something’ to deserve to be loved by you?  These are important questions for the spiritual seeker to dig into so they know themselves better.

What is Respect to you?  What is the root of Respect?  Who is worthy of your Respect? Is the individual worthy of respect for just existing or do they have to ‘do something’ to earn your respect for you to treat them with decency?  Are the individuals who have something you want the only ones you give respect (at least until you get what you want) or does everyone deserve to be treated respectfully?  Do you deserve respect from others if you don’t possess the objects or the qualities that others believe are important?  If people do not do what you want them to do for you, are you then disdainful or reactionary to them and their needs?  Ugliness can definitely rear its head in realizing how you treat people when second chakra issues rise to the surface.

Sexual orientation is different as well as the role sexual activities play in your value system.  Some people feel more attractive when they have achieved a certain level of wealth or fame.  Some people only “know their value” when they are doing certain sexual activities because they can do them correctly.  Is it not a sad situation when a person’s self esteem is totally driven by how well they perform sexually, how many sexual conquests they make, or just how attractive they are to the opposite sex.

What about Responsibility?  What do you think Responsibility is and how is it valued within your family unit and the organizations you belong to?  Do you take on extra tasks without complaint because you were taught self sacrifice is how you gain the things you value – love, respect, money, fame?  Do you work hideous amounts of hours in a job you dislike to provide a certain income for the people who claim they love you, yet if you did not make that particular amount of money they would be with you?  In what ways do you think you have to behave, what things do you have to do to show you are deserving of love from those you value in your life?

Do you believe everyone needs to pitch in and do their fair share of work and chores, or do you feel you have to do it all to be viewed as successful?  Do you feel burdened or like a door mat because it is expected that you will do such and such to deserve what you have been given, but that extra giving never ends because you never finish earning it and the sad fact is – you never stop doing it because you keep hoping against hope that you will be loved and valued by those who do it?

Do you feel you have to clean up someone else’s messy life because you have assumed the role of caretaker for those who want to abdicate all responsibility for their life choices and just have fun?  Is the really the only thing you are good for – cleaning up others’ messes?  Can you create rules for your own household and then back them up without caving in because someone won’t “love you” if you are “mean” to them?

Judgments exist within each person’s perspective of life.  Judgments are negative views that people take in from the time they arrive here to when they start to view themselves as adults and then they project it onto the world and the people they encounter.

Another set of values to consider when digging into the Second chakra are related to the development of self acceptance.  Who are you?  How do you define yourself?  What labels do you use to share with others who you are, what you enjoy, and what you believe in?  Do you like yourself?  Do you like the life you live?  Do you feel that you are as transparent as the wind in regards to living your life exactly as you truly are, or do you feel as if you are hidden behind layers and layers of stuff so others cannot see the real you?

What roles does your sexual orientation have in your life and in your world view in general? Are you comfortable with your sexual orientation or do you hide it from others?  Do you pretend to be X because you are will not fit in with the expectations of those around you otherwise?  Will your family reject if they discover that you and your sexual behavior is the opposite of what they believe is correct? Can you share time with your friends openly or can you only be around them your family members are not present?  Do you find yourself angry that other people are openly living as you would like to but cannot?

These are examples of some key emotions and values housed within the Second chakra.  Love and Respect – the ideas that create the child’s view of what these are and how they are given are entirely developed by the small child watching their family and their interpretation of the world.  These examples represent the possible negative ways an individual may not feel love and respect for oneself which is then expressed via the way that person views and holds those around them in the world.  Love or contempt?  Respect or disdain?  Narcissistic or Self-loving?

These internalized beliefs are not developed when a child reaches the age of 18 – they are developed from an early age.  Children are sponges from the time of birth through their early school years.  Beliefs of self worth and self love are taught from the day they arrive within the baby’s body by the care they receive when hungry, when wet, when they want to be held, and want to be acknowledged.

Even though a baby cannot express his or her needs verbally, they possess the same basic human needs that everyone experiences.  The child’s experiences are real, valid, and exist regardless of whether the parent comprehends that babies require attention to develop.  Many people, in fact, view children as chattel to haul around and drop wherever they go, without regard to what the child needs and requires for their mental and emotional development.  When a baby is shown repeatedly that their needs are not important to those around them by being ignored when they signal the only way they can – by crying, is it any wonder that the crying baby develops insecurities and lacks a healthy level of self value?  And furthering that, is it any wonder that they then play out that lack of value throughout their lifetime until they DO learn they have value, if to no one but themselves?

Detrimental beliefs are deeply ingrained within a child’ psyche and within the energy system of the body.  To release the hold unconscious, destructive behavioral patterns have on a person’s life can take years or even decades of concentrated work.

While growing up, if a child hears repeatedly that a certain type of person is not acceptable, not worthy of love or respect, or that a parent’s love is only earned by doing “x”, then that child will learn to treat “those” people is appropriate.  And should the child share qualities with those ‘unacceptable’ people, they will attempt to change themselves or pretend to be otherwise so that their parents will continue to care for them.  So many people continue to pretend, as adults, to be something other than what they truly are – all because these unconscious beliefs tell them that if they don’t pretend to be something else then they will be unworthy, they will have no value, and that they are unlovable.

This is where the self-lies begin – pretending to be or not be something  – “because” the child has repeatedly been shown that their parents’ affection is extremely conditional.  Do “this” or else.  Behave like “this” or else.  If you do “this” then you will be punished.  “Those” kind of people are bad, so don’t be like that.  Our religion says “those kind of people” are going to hell, so we don’t like them and don’t have to be nice to them.  All these signals children receive reinforce the need to lie about who they are to be worthy of their parents’ time, attention, and hopefully love.

This behavior has many layers because each individual has many layers and it all starts with who the parent is and what that parent values.  Is the child required to practice a musical instrument because the parent feels only it is important to get ahead?  Is the parent an avid sports enthusiast so their child MUST participate in the various sporting activities and MUST be good at it or it will shame the parent?  There is an incredibly long list of unconscious ideas parents have contained within their own unconscious about what their child NEEDS  to do and be.  They don’t bother to ask the child what he or she wants, much less needs, because the only thing that matters to them are their OWN unconscious behavioral patterns running through their own heads and minds.

All these conditional ideas regarding self worth, self value, and self love as well as how others are worthy or valuable or lovable are force fed to the child.  Few parents or guardians even think to sit down with small children and outline various value systems for the child to learn about so they can make choices as they have grow and develop.  If any conversation does ensue, it is usually by the parent to talk about what they, and only they, value.  They don’t engage the child in conversation to discuss what the child may see as valuable – for most adults don’t value a child’s opinion. This too, is key, for the child learns early on how little they are valued.

Children are taught how much value they are held with by their family members as they live their day to day lives.  They endure the behaviors of their family first, their social communities (extended families, neighbors, church members, and school companions), and then eventually they experience their peers behaviors and their reactions when they themselves begin to either emulate or contradict the behaviors they have absorbed.  If they have behaved as their conditioning demanded they will be accepted as ‘one of them’ and the belief in the conditioning is reinforced.

It is true that children are unaware of what exists in their society to know what they do want for they do not have any experience to base an opinion on, in additional to just not knowing what exists outside of their tiny sphere of where they are raised. Even so, adults don’t pay enough attention to the child’s developing personality much less respect the child’s developmental needs because they are so indoctrinated to their own values and prejudices that nurturing a child who might possibly be everything the parent has been taught to dislike is unfathomable to them.

Numerous studies have been shown that children LEARN behavior – they are taught to dislike others, taught hatred for certain things.  It is not intrinsic within their tiny selves.  What is not discussed is how that child absorbs that conditioning as it pertains to their self!  If, for some reason, the child does not behave as the conditioning has taught them, then punishment of some form will be awarded by the parents.  This cycle of behavior will teach the child that this conditioning is more important than who they are intrinsically and that their ideas of difference are not worthy.  These forms of parental behavior lead the child away from developing a self appreciate, self love, and self esteem for their unique self and lead to developing negative self esteem, self love, self worth, and self appreciation issues and behavioral patterns.

As a energy healer, when I am working with individuals to clear the second chakra of wounds so it can return to functioning normally, these are constants.  Everyone I work with has self esteem issues.  Everyone I work with has self worth issues.  Everyone I work with does not believe he or she was ever valued or cherished by their parents or families.  The majority of the people I work with feel they would have been better off born to other families or not even born at all.

These people are not miserable, suicide driven individuals. They are individuals that go to work every day, who go to family events, who take care of their children and make dinner.  Some are financially well off while others struggle to get by economically.  They are the “normal” person you encounter every day, all day long. But inside of themselves they harbor the damage caused because they were raised in an environment that did not value them as individuals because they were children.

Why is our society so shocked when an adult exhibits behaviors that could be considered anti-social and/or detrimental to others or themselves?  People don’t know HOW the person could behave that way.  Maybe the parents are considered “nice people” and it must be that the child is “naturally bad”.

If the child has not been taught to see the value others possess, is it truly a surprise when they exhibit behaviors that are uncaring, unsympathetic, or even down right hateful?  They exhibit these behaviors to others, but the others do not see those same standards are held within against the person’s own individuality.  Look around the society in which you live.  Everyone is walking wounded – there is no one out there who does not LIVE THE WOUNDS they learned early on.

All the selfs – self love, self worth, self esteem, self value, self respect, self judgment, self hatred, self confidence, etc. are  actualized in the second chakra, thus this is where we start to heal these wounds.

The sixth chakra also plays a role in this revealing process, for it is the person who uses the sixth chakra’s ability to either see through the lies or to cover up the truth.  Depending upon the person’s individual gifts it may even be divided – they can see others’ lies but still hide their own from their conscious self.


So what can people expect from this particular planetary shift?  Every unresolved self issue is going to surface during the next six to eight weeks.  Fears and doubts might become almost crippling to some people as they are overwhelmed by these wounds demanding attention and demanding it NOW.

You may find yourself angry and resentful for unclear reasons.  You may act out against those in your life or you may suddenly feel the desire to confront someone who you feel has wronged you previously.

You may experience sexuality issues and doubts about who you are or you could even veer into becoming promiscuous as you try to behave in rebellious ways against your family views.  The physical side effect of this particular issue is health issues relating to the sexual organs and their functioning may pop up at this point.

The physical body’s issues and pains are merely the manifestation of wounds that have remained unhealed and unresolved.  Do you feel phantom pain in your lower intestines or have problems passing food?  Do you find yourself experience stomach pain when you have to go into a meeting or deal with someone you find unpleasant?

There are so many ways that this could play out that it is impossible to say exactly what you will experience.  But it is is best to not ignore any emotions or memories that pop into your mind.  Allow them to surface, and then step back calmly and critically analyze what it is you are feeling or remembering.

Children have no filters – they absorb everything projected at them.  This can include the parents’s emotions if the child is sensitive.  During this time you may experience emotions but have no clue as to why you are feeling them.  If you truly have no clue and are not repressing anything, you may need to look to when you were tiny.  If possible, talk with someone who knew the family situation when you were small and ask for details.  It could be you absorbed fear and panic from your parents if money was tight.  Or if someone dear was sick or even passed on, you may have absorbed someone’s grief and pain along with the idea that caring for others is not a risk you want to take.

Again – each person is going to experience something different during this time. There are so many ways to address the issues that can come up during this time. It is key for you to not React to what you or to what someone else experiences.  Instead, feel, think, listen, and analyze.  Don’t Repress – allow it to surface.  Treat yourself kindly during this time and show your body you respect and love it for it has carried you through this lifetime to this very moment and it has to carry you forward through the rest.  Give it a reason to do so in a more healthy and emotionally balanced way.

2016 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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