Holding Faith When Your World is Rocked

“What is meant to be will happen.”

“There exists a reason for everything.”

“Every situation holds a lesson from which to grow.”

“There is no such thing as coincidence.”

“Look for the meaning behind the actions and find peace.”

These are sayings that those of us following a spiritual path share amongst ourselves and pass down to our students. But in truth, these are more than platitudes – especially in moments of upheaval, chaos, and crises.  These phrases are the cornerstone of faith, of belief – these words are what holds you upright when you are distressed.  These words are the vow we say to others and to ourselves to illustrate that we believe that all that happens are lessons to be learned.

It is easy to believe that everything has a reason until something hits you smack in the face.  Where does your faith go then?

Does it dissipate into nothing because you feel betrayed, hurt, angry, frustrated, and pitiful and you question everything, including your beliefs?

Do you pick yourself up from the shock and keep moving forward, because you know, even if you don’t believe, that somewhere is the end of the tunnel?

Or, BEFORE anything takes place – before results happen, before actions have knocked the wind out of  your sail, before all that is out of your control lands square in your lap – are you secure in the belief that whatever happens is meant to and are you willing to accept all and move forward and through challenges presented to you, accepting the joy and happiness you encounter along the way as well?

Here in the US we have had a tumultuous election process.  That means for the last two plus years we have been inundated with ugly political rhetoric, ugly names being thrown across the aisle, accusations and declarations have taken place, families being divided through differing beliefs, and I can quite confidently say that no one looked forward to this particular election and no one was unhappy that the day finally came and went.

What I can also say is that my social media feeds and email accounts have been flooded with posturing threats that Trump, when he takes over in January 2017, will encounter as much hatred, as much disruption, as much blocking to any attempts to pass laws that might or might not benefit the average American because that was Obama encountered and that is that.

I ask you now – if you truly believe that everything happens for a reason, if you truly believe that there is a lesson in everything – why are you filled with hate, or gloating, or thoughts of revenge, or just the idea of making someone else miserable because you, in this moment, are either extremely happy or extremely unhappy about your candidate’s election results.

Is the condition of your faith so weak that you are ready to toss the baby out with the dirty bath water because you don’t want to be the “loser” in a race that means nothing overall? By all means, do whatever you feel you need to do in this moment to process your shock and either outrage or joy, but please do remember to check back in with your faith for a reality check on what those emotions are doing to you.

The energy of the planet is changing and things will have to give to make room for the new energies coming in.  Changes will have to take place.  But change is not instantaneous on the human plane.  So – give yourself permission to just let it all go and return to your work of healing and caring for yourself, and caring for your family, your friends, and working towards a goal where everyone can live a life without a police state breathing down your neck.

And please, return back to the place of faith, because all sorts of things are going to test your resolution in your faith, and if you crumple and fail at each one your High Self is trying to convey a message to you.  Will you accept that message or will you continue on with your head in the sand?

The human plane is not meant to be 100% easy.  Or fun.  Or a cakewalk where all you do is show up and walk home with something delicious all for you.  Our spiritual processes echo that – no one walks through a door into enlightenment.  We encounter a lot of different sensations and experiences both happy and grievous and things happen to all of us because we are each living the human existence.  Once we all leave the human plane, we all return to the same place and return to being one with the Creator.

Try to use your faith to assist with shifting your viewpoint a little, so that all is put into a place a reasonable person can relate to.  As with just about everything here, our spiritual process on the earth plane is skewed, out of wack, requiring work to get it running smoothly again.  You are the only one who can do that.

So instead of devolving into self-pity, outrage, and judgment regarding situations you don’t like, remember that humans only grow when they are presented with discomfort and negative stimulation.  Seek within to see what is resonating with those emotions. At this time, take the time to look within and discover what issues have been personally triggered for you by the election, and accept that everything that you experience is designed to help you heal – whether you want to or not.

All situations and occurences are designed to assist each of us with growth; our High Self makes sure we experience exactly what is needed to get us to readjust our way of thinking to allow new possibilities to grow into new opportunities.  Don’t denigrate people or events taking place around you.  This creates negativity that only adds to your challenge of being able to see what is really happening within you.

Many people feel they are not understood, they feel marginalized and that they are viewed as unimportant to those around them.  The use of the mirror effect in these situations is very helpful, because we project onto others what we hold within ourselves.  So – look at your mirror very closely and clean off the smudges so you can clearly see what is actually taking place.  That which you might be accusing others of doing might actually be all you. So pick you and your jaw off the floor, give yourself a little hug, breathe deeply, and bring yourself back in to your center, to your Heart Chakra, and ask to feel the Love from the Light, from Source, from the Creator.  All this life is just an exercise for experience.  It is not the “end all” of experiences, even if that is belief was prevalent where you were raised.

Seek within to feel the vibration that resonates with Love.  Hold onto that.  Run the vibration through your body.  Share that vibration with all you encounter and definitely share it where ever you go.  When you share the Love vibration you change the energy of the place and the people of where you are.  And isn’t Love a much better vibration to be sharing than that of hatred?

Be the Love around you, today and all days moving forward.  Take a position for Love and Peace in this world instead of allowing yourself to be manipulated into being unhappy. Choose to allow only you to declare what will make you happy or unhappy.  You are the only one who can pick the emotion you want to live, so again, I ask you to choose Love. Choose Peace.  Choose Hope.  And then disengage from expectation and instead, accept that whatever happens, happens for a reason.

Love truly is all there is.


© 2016 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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