Alternate Interpretation or Actual Meaning?

A little while back I was sent searching for an interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer for a client.  The Lord’s Prayer was written many, many centuries ago in an ancient dialect and thus there is quite the debate on what the Intention really was for this prayer.

Much that was taken and placed within the Christian Bible has been twisted and formed and reformed until eventually the meaning shared today is far from the original text.  This is what happens when the uneducated and uninitiated translate one language to another language and then to another without working with someone who actually knows the intricacies and nuances of that language.

In some cases, there are even words and phrases which never translated well, so an approximation was used instead, and thus in this way the original was watered down.  This is, sadly, the happy day scenario because often the words were taken and twisted to convey the intended meaning of the person interpreting the words, OR, in some cases, the intended meaning was dictated by the person “in charge” and the scribe doing the translation was manipulated into putting down that particular message.  All lead to a twisted meaning and intention of the original, the words or phrases changed into something vastly different.

The English language alone has many dialects and words in one location can have another alternate meaning in another.  The English language has derived over the centuries from the influence of other languages as well, so one could never consider it “pure”.  There are also many countries that have English as a major language and countries develop their own societies which develop their own slang and way of speaking.  SO much room for misunderstanding can exist even if you consider yourself a “native” speaker of the language.

Only when those involved with the translation are intimately familiar with the original language will the translation into a different language will any guarantee of connection to the original material be conveyed with the original meaning.

So we are back to The Lord’s Prayer.  One of the most widely translated and circulated pieces of literature from the Bible.  Shared and used in every culture Christianity has infiltrated.  Yet, what is the true meaning of the original words?  There are many interpretations out there from those who claim to understand the Aramaic it was first written in, but again, my point is that if you are not an intimate user of that (dead) language then how do you really know you are correct?

I encourage everyone reading this to look online, look in books and elsewhere to see how the prayer has been changed not only by a change in language, but by the changes wrought over time.  There have been multiple versions of the Bible, and thus all within was touched by the intention of the person who modified it.  Thus, it is up to the individual to seek out the interpretation that resonates within instead of just continuing to recite the words you were taught by wrote.

Find one that stimulates your soul and helps you feel the Love that was the intention of the prayer.  Only you will recognize which one is your Truth.

Does this stimulate your soul?

Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth,
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
The power, and the glory,
For ever and ever.

Or does this?

Our Father-Mother Who art above and within:
Hallowed be Thy Name in twofold Trinity.
In Wisdom, Love and Equity Thy Kingdom come to all.
Thy will be done, As in Heaven so in Earth.
Give us day by day to partake of Thy holy Bread, and the fruit of the living Vine.
As Thou dost forgive us our trespasses, so may we forgive others who trespass against us.
Shew upon us Thy goodness, that to others we may shew the same.
In the hour of temptation, deliver us from evil.


O Birther! Father- Mother of the Cosmos
Focus your light within us – make it useful.
Create your reign of unity now-
through our fiery hearts and willing hands
Help us love beyond our ideals
and sprout acts of compassion for all creatures.
Animate the earth within us: we then
feel the Wisdom underneath supporting all.
Untangle the knots within
so that we can mend our hearts’ simple ties to each other.
Don’t let surface things delude us,
But free us from what holds us back from our true purpose.
Out of you, the astonishing fire,
Returning light and sound to the cosmos.

Or maybe this?
O cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration.
Soften the ground of our being and carve out a space within us where your Presence can abide.
Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered to bear the fruit of your mission.
Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire.
Endow us with the wisdom to produce and share what each being needs to grow and flourish.
Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us,
as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes.
Do not let us be seduced by that which would divert us from our true purpose,
but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment.
For you are the ground and the fruitful vision, the birth, power and fulfillment,
as all is gathered and made whole once again.
Research.  Don’t just accept what they tell you is the “truth”, that which was drilled into your head as a child! Discover the version that resonates within you, which transforms you through the power of its meaning, which causes you to reach inward towards the Truth.
© 2017 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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