Recognize the Divine Within All

Our country, our world, is going through turbulent change right now.  Ideas and beliefs that many believed our culture and civilization had moved past are rising their ugly heads en masse and letting others know that they had been there all along.

This is a terrific challenge to the Light Workers out there; those individuals who work with Light and Energy and Love and the Divine.  The vast majority of these individuals are horrified by what is being done, by what has been said – no, not said, but shouted and thrown at their fellow citizens who should have the same equal rights.  Light Workers believe in Oneness, in working together to improve our national resources such as air and water, as well as investing in the children of this country and world and when confronted by these others who don’t appear to value anything beyond selfishness and greed it is difficult to bear.

These Light Workers should be horrified, but not horrified for the reasons they feel are correct.  When one faces the shadow that has been present all along, one can only wonder how much one’s own behavior contributed to it staying in the shadow.  Instead of working to heal and change that shadow many were content to just pretend it was gone, that the person had changed their way of thinking because they saw how “wrong” they were.

Many believed others would spontaneously become enlightened in their thoughts when learned stopped spouting that ugliness at the holiday dinner table.  Yes, that may have been a relief but that does not mean anything changed except them to simmer in the darkness of their own thoughts.

I say to you now – Stop.  You are exhausting yourself at jumping at every fly you see in the ointment.  Stop saying you are ready to “give up” and you “want to go home”.  Is your faith so weak that it cannot stand against the challenge of someone’s ugliness or even someone we view as evil?  Instead look to yourself.  When you see evil are you saying something, bringing it further into the light?  Or are you turning your back and running away, declaring you cannot deal with it any more?  Take what breaks you need to, to restore and rejuvenate yourself, but you cannot become lax because who else will bring the Light and Love of the Divine to the surface?

How many social media friends and family have you disconnected or disconnected from you? How many opportunities have you let slip away without at least asking for clarity to understand why they believe what they do.  If you don’t know what they believe and why they have those beliefs you lose the ability to bring the opportunity of light into their thoughts and feelings.

Again – this is not about “converting” – this is about using intelligence, facts, science, and a host of other non-emotional triggering ways in a conversation with that person.  Maybe that person is not available for you to have a conversation with them directly.  Then instead, start opening discourse among those you do have the ability to talk to directly (without violating any laws or rules  – you don’t want to get fired).

Start conversations now with those in your life.  Be open to hearing what they believe instead of assuming they feel as you do about every topic.  Don’t run away when they share different thoughts or feelings, don’t shut them down, and don’t negate them.  Give them the respect you would like to receive from everyone you encounter.

Evil took over our country because people were complacent and disrespectful to others by assuming everyone was on their train of thought.

Every person – or even one person – will not agree 100% with you or your way of thinking. That’s fine.  It is not your responsibility to convert even one person because to have that goal would violate their free will process.

Look within you and find the compassion all Light Workers say they have burning inside. Gather that compassion and start using it to understand why someone believes the way they do.  Gather that compassion and find out what has happened in their life to make them think what they believe to be true.  If you have not read the Four or the Five Agreements get one of those books and read it right away.  It is a powerful book that will illustrate how each person puts others into boxes in their mind.  This is not only disrespectful but it is self serving and it is self harming.

Take the time to closely look at each person as their own individual who has their own life outside of the time spent with you.  Gather your compassion and have a conversation with them, bring them in and feel the Light that exists in them too.  Don’t just preach Love and Light at them – LIVE IT every day in all ways.

How can a Light Worker convince anyone that Light and Love are true ways to live if they run away at the first challenge?  How can a Light Worker help others consider different thoughts and ideas if the Light Worker rejects them outright or if the Light Worker dismisses their beliefs out of hand.

All humans have feelings and the majority of humans alive have many deep wounds. Wounds that tell them they are not worth someone else’s time, energy, attention, or love. Wounds that make them hostile to others’ beliefs because they were punished as children to ever consider some other way of thought or belief system was ok?  Many different wounds that you may be the only person to help heal, now, in this moment.

You cannot lump everyone into a box of “not worth my time” without that coming to bite you in the butt – such as what is going on right now in the US.  All those people who felt dismissed have risen up and have found a voice together.  Is it a voice of Love and Light? Not to us, but it is their rebellion.  Who cares if they were misguided since they did not research topics or historical behaviors of individuals who covet power – surely that is one reason to feel compassion, for who has not been betrayed by someone who lied to benefit themselves?

Ladders reach up and down, allowing the climber to see different views.  Be the ladder in your environment.  When you listen to someone say something you disagree accept it in the moment – you are not going to spontaneously catch on fire because someone says something to you that you disagree with, nor will you be tainted permanently.

Let me put it out there a little differently.  Who is the narcissist and who is not? When you cannot extend a civil opportunity to someone to hear their opinion are you any different than The Donald?  When you react in fear you are the same as the person who has caused you to fear.

Fear is evil, for fear takes away the ability to think clearly and rationally.  Fear closes down the energy flow through your system, slamming shut the connections from your chakras to the energy of the Divine flowing through you.  Fear isolates you and makes you feel alone and helpless.  That is the desire of fear – to turn you away from the Love that you know exists and the Love that is available to you every minute of the day whenever you want to make time for it.

Look at all the divisiveness among the citizens of this country.  Diversity is a wonderful concept, but the challenge with diversity is in learning to understand the culture that comes in instead of just staying put inside your own home.  When each party refuses to learn or understand what and why others believe what they do, all common ground is eliminated and hostility is created through fear.  Understanding is not agreeing, it is an opportunity for emotionally mature conversation.

What common ground?  For starters, everyone human is human.  We have the same physical and energetic structures.  We all have lessons and challenges to work through and grow from in this lifetime.  We have all lived through difficulties and personal horrors to get to where we are in this moment.  And we are all capable of love and hate, peace and fear, joy and sorrow.  These commonalities are the underbelly of every culture, every religion, every society.

Give respect and learn about the individual who is afraid of someone else.  Fear respected is an opportunity to teach and enlighten.  Fear mocked or denigrated just becomes anger and frustration and resentment and ends up being in a place where they don’t want to see the common ground that exists.

All people are capable of feeling the Divine’s Love – regardless of where they came from or what religion they follow.  Your believing that “this” is the only way to do “anything” is narcissistic; instead, find a way to share information and help others learn and understand that their fear may be justified but it is not warranted.  Faith of all kinds has been responsible for keeping people alive, helping them survive the battles endured.  Just because it may not be the faith you believe in does not mean it should not be respected.

This challenge is going to be hard – but all challenges are difficult for how else will you grow and learn and achieve greater wisdom if challenges were easy?

Truth is very simple.  If you refuse to develop the ability to view with compassion those who disagree with you then you have a VERY long way to go as a Light Worker in developing your connection to the Divine.

The Divine loves each person unconditionally and equally.  You are not more important than anyone else and you are not less important than anyone else.  The Divine loves you regardless of what you do, say, believe, or live JUST as the Divine loves everyone you disagree with in the same way.

This challenge was created by our personal desires to ignore the shadow side of people known and unknown to us.  It is now our responsibility to respond to that challenge not by slinking off and licking our wounds, muttering threats under our breath about “when it is our turn” and declaring “not my president”.  It is not about laying down and giving in to exhaustion and feelings of defeat.  It is about taking the Love of the Divine that flows through you and recognizing that same Love of the Divine in every single person you encounter.

When you acknowledge the Love of the Divine within them, you give them an opportunity to recognize the Divine within you.  It may take multiple meetings before either person recognizes the other, but when you refuse to participate who else is going to be able and willing to share the Light and the Love of the Divine with them?  You may be the only one present and able to bring those essences into the environment to provide others with the opportunities to change.

Be the opportunity.  Face bigotry and fascism and racism and misogyny and disregard for the environment, clean water, and clean energy sources not with hatred, but compassion. Compassion is a beautiful energy that can help others consider thoughts and ideas like no other energy can.

Find that common ground and extend your compassion; create a safe place where each party can share ideas and concepts.  Change can happen, but it takes work and effort and a safe place.  Change that is more than lip service is what is needed.  Because if people only continue with lip service this cycle is going to repeat over and over, again and again.

When you hear others talk dismissively about those they don’t understand, it is your responsibility to stand up and talk with the individual because obviously they did not learn respect for others anywhere else in their life.  It is your responsibility because you do know better, because you know that if Love is not present then Fear will win.  It may be very scary but allow the Love of the Divine that flows through you to strengthen you, to support you, to give you courage to stand up not just for what you feel is right, but for the respect of all individuals.

Recognize the Divine in you and in every other person you encounter.  Only through that Love will permanent change happen.


© 2017 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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