Deliverance, Salvation, and Redemption

Driving along the road today I had what I call Salvation moments.  Not Salvation in the religious sense – where one confesses one’s sins and all is forgiven – but where deliverance is a moment that lifts us away from ignorance, harm, ruin, or loss and sets us on the path of Love.

For me, Salvation moments bring my conscious state to a deep spiritual Truth, unavailable to me up to that point. These moments are almost indescribable – an experience where Love gently settles over me and I am lovingly shifted to an awareness of a Truth inaccessible to me via Salvation. You could say that Salvation is the vehicle of Love to you from the Creator.  Some may call it Grace, but for me Salvation differs from Grace as it possesses Truth, Knowledge, and Wisdom in addition to the Creator’s Love.

I have allowed my emotions to dictate 98% of all aspects of my life and I have had to experience many emotionally painful situations time and again before I was delivered to a Salvation moment and the Love.  I have no idea how many people I have willfully and ignorantly harmed as I lived my path of emotional maturity, but as I learn these Lessons with humility I do all that I know how to do to send them healing energy and eliminate the negative karma.

All the situations I lived through have been necessary to get me to this moment in time. Some lessons needed to be experienced more than once, because I was not learning the Truth behind the lesson.  Once I learned it, Deliverance would come in and take me to Salvation and I would grow in Love and Wisdom.

Salvation moments are glorious moments – impossible to describe and if the attempt is made people think you are crazy.  I value each of my moments because with that Salvation moment my conscious connection to my High Self, my Guides, and the Creator increased – sometimes dramatically.  I have watched different people over the years also experience these moments and how it changed their viewpoint, their way of living their day-to-day life, and the struggle they  lived through to maintain their newly acquired perspective because it is always very easy to slip back into unconscious behaviors.

I have loved redemption movies for the simple reason that someone who had done someone wrong gets one last opportunity to make amends in some fashion.  I read a lot of classical literature as I was growing up and in many of the stories redemption was one of the main concepts surrounding the growth of one of the main characters.  Sometimes that person is so vile and has done things so despicable that you don’t think they deserve redemption, yet somehow they redeem themselves and the story ends on a positive note.

Redemption as a living, real part of life was not included in the way I was raised.  Apart from using the word to describe the book or story I loved, I never even gave the word much consideration – much less how it could be applied to me or my life. As I was flooded with the Creator’s Love this afternoon, the understanding came to me most clearly:

Redemption is the accepting and forgiving of oneself for one’s choices.

It is never just words that come to me – it is the Love, Knowledge, and Wisdom combined that really make the moment truly deep and beautiful.

Redemption is not a matter of erasing regret by undoing harm done; for if one accepts the Truth that Divine Alignment is always taking place, then regrets are just the ego trying to change one’s life while making you feel guilty.

Divine Alignment was not a concept I had ever heard of before my Reiki Master taught it to me.  I found it hard to swallow when she taught it to me.  My ego has had a good run with my life and still rears its ugly head every now and again.  But to believe that all the horrible things that had happened in the world, that had happened in life were not accidents, but things that the Divine allowed to happen in our reality.  As I progressed along my Mystic path, I came to realize the truth of that statement more and more.  I had plenty of experiences to help me learn that one!

If one accepts that Divine Alignment takes place all the time, then logically one has to accept that one’s life choices and the situations one has lived through were allowed to happen.  It was never because of lack of love or a desire for the Creator to punish us, but rather humans have a really hard time learning anything that is not learned painfully. Sometimes the lesson does not need to be repeated for the learning to sink in, but I can say in my personal lifetime, I have had experienced excruciating situations where the root of all of it was Betrayal.  Every time I trusted someone without reason or chose to believe them when the facts of the situation disputed their words, I experience great emotional pain as the fallout of that choice hit the fan.

So – until I learn what I need to balance this lesson appropriately it will just keep happening.  Again and again.

And that is Divine Alignment.  The Creator trusts that at some point, somewhere in time, I will LEARN all the lessons behind Betrayal.  Just as I trusted my children to learn to walk, to learn to ride their bikes, and any other number of things that used pain as a motivator to learn the skill the Creator trusts me.  Has faith in me.  Believes in me.  Loves me enough to let me fall down over and over again until I learn the lesson I need so I stand firmly on my feet, independent and strong.

We Redeem ourselves to ourselves, not to anyone else. I accept that have lived a crazy, painful, beautiful life with people who have loved me and with whom I have shared my love.  They may not be in my life anymore, but I accept that Divine Alignment is taking place every day and as long as I live my highest and best good and make decisions and choices based on my highest and best good, I will continue to learn and grow and maybe one day there won’t be any more lessons to learn in this lifetime.

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Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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