Gifts and Abilities are not like PowerPoint – you can’t just take a class and acquire them

I don’t know how to title this blog because regardless of how I entitle it, I know it is going to offend someone out there.  And while I do regret that someone’s feelings may get hurt or they may get offended by this particular blog, I also honor myself and the Truth I see in the world, so that is why I am actually going to publish this to the web.  So if it is in your nature to use your Free Will choice to be reactionary, bless you.  I mean that sincerely.  I lived that way many years and I know how hard a path that can be.

I know many people who have struggled and pushed themselves through some form of education or training.  Class after class, tutoring, extra study hours, copying and recopying their notes, taking practice test after practice test just to complete a class someone said they had to have for a degree, or for career purposes, and for other personal reasons.

I know people who have pushed themselves to learn to play an instrument or develop rudimentary skills in art or dance because they loved doing it, but they were fortunate enough to have teachers who were kind and informed them that while they had love and passion in their favor they would never be able to compete professionally with people who had innate talent.

Talent is a difficult word – it has many different connotations and many people view talent in different ways.  Sometimes a painter will never be a Leonardo di Vinci, but they may become a Van Gogh.  Maybe someone wants to be the next Mikhail Baryshnikov but instead has the physical talents to become the next Tiger Woods.

Our bodies possess many capabilities and sometimes they are able to achieve results that are amazing, but regardless of how much training one receives innate talent cannot be dispensed through the awarding of a certificate of completion.

I have great respect for certificates when they are properly applied and properly used.  I have many I received from school and work for distinctions in performances, blah blah blah.  I have them someone in a box.  I have my graduation certificates in a book, and I have a small number of certificates from program completions necessary for legal purposes to show I have completed certain training programs as a massage therapist.

I don’t put them all out on the wall and exclaim, “look how talented I am! I was able to finish something so I am wonderful and better than everyone else!”

While this may seem like a giant leap, let me clarify my point for you.  We now have 2 generations of individuals who were raised from pre-school through high school with the mentality that everyone needed a certificate of “something”.  If someone got a certificate for excellence because they achieved the top scores in the school, then everyone else had to have a certificate so they did not “feel bad”.  This has led, in my opinion, to an over dependence upon a piece of paper to declare that one does not suck at “something”.

If you don’t have that piece of paper, then you must what?  Not know what you are doing?  Are unable to perform the basic skills necessary?

I was raised by parents who grew up during the Depression.  The 1920’s and 1930’s Depression – where if you did not have money you could die because there were no government programs to support you in any way.

So people back then learned how to do a lot of things to support themselves and to contribute to the household so everyone had at least one meal a day.  Even if that meal was just grits and was the same type of food they had had every day for months because it was the cheapest around and the only kind they could afford.  But they ate food.

Now, we have a society filled with people who are emotionally stunted and incompetent because they are unable to function without being micromanaged by someone who, at the end of the day, gives them a gold star or a certificate just for being present.  Welcome to America – land of the dysfunctional and non-functioning.

Yes, yes, go get all offended if you need to. As I stated above, someone is going to so why bother reading the rest of the article and just save yourself some time by cutting it short now?

There are some things that can be achieved through stubbornness, determination, and strength of will and then there are things that can never be changed regardless of how much time and work you put into them because they are just not in your innate nature – all these reality talent show tryouts can definitely help one appreciate that fact of life in a very short time.

So what’s my point in all this?

I recently accessed an online course site to help me with some deficiencies I have business-wise; it is hard to run a business in this society and so I try to develop what skills I lack as best able so I don’t have to return to the snake pit of Corporate America. While perusing the site, I noticed a personal development tab so I clicked on it.  Not one, not three but FOUR “reiki masters” were selling Reiki 1, 2, and 3 for less than $200.  Wow.

Now someone who does not understand energy work and does not realize what is involved for just one level of this work might think – great deal!  With over 15 years teaching Reiki I was shocked that someone would be ignorant enough to put these courses online and think the student would ever learn what Reiki really means or what it really can do for an individual.

In fact, my ethical beliefs are outraged that people out there have purchased any of these programs and are now out there, possibly overwhelmed with confusion caused from changes started in their energetic systems and left to flounder by themselves.  Just as you would never teach someone to drive a vehicle online and then hand them the keys to a car and say, “there you go!” a responsible Reiki Master will never do this sort of teaching.  Even 1 day Reiki courses (which I am well known for despising as well) are better than an online course.  *shudder*

And the best part – these people are given a “certificate” at the end to what – show their competence?  Show that they understand the energetic nuances of imbalances, blockages, disease?  Show they are capable of empathic and compassionate care for individuals who are enduring a process of debilitating health conditions and understand how to help the client through their process, whatever they choose it to be?

While there may be many courses that are appropriate for online tutelage, specific energy classes are not appropriate for the novice to engage and “learn” from – especially those modalities where the student’s energy signature is altered through attunements.

The Reiki 3 student’s whole reason to be in the program is to learn how to teach others about Reiki, to lead those new to it into a better awareness and understanding of what it is and what it can do, and then ultimately do the attunements to shift that person’s energy core so that the energy is flowing through them properly.  This is not something that should be done online and the person who is teaching this way is disingenuous and malevolent.  I truly shudder to think at the number of people in our society who claim knowledge and competence of these skills (and have a certificate to back it up) yet are most likely only screwing people up energetically, more than they were to begin with. And that is truly a very, very sad situation.

And then they continue the cycle – sharing their lack of knowledge with someone else who throws money at them which then perpetuates it again and again. It is no wonder that there are many individuals out there who say energy work is fake.  For people like this – yes, it is fake.  They have no clue what Reiki is and they don’t know how to use it and so of course, they are not going to accomplish anything with it at all.

Is Reiki an innate skill for only select people?  No – Reiki is a process that opens an innate ability EVERYONE possesses for energy movement and healing.  Not everyone, however, is meant to be a teacher of it though, and Reiki attunements have a strong tendency to bring out a person’s unique innate abilities and when they are abandoned by themselves or have a teacher who is just as ignorant as they are, the common frame of mind is to turn to the media for guidance.  Hollywood and Youtube are probably the most destructive forces out there where energy work and psychic abilities are concerned.  Everyone and anyone who has a “cool” idea can put their bs out there and declare it to be “true” and lord knows most of the certificate bearing progeny accessing the internet today have never heard the phrase, “buyer beware” or taught how to use it.

Which leads me back to the original thread of my thoughts today.  I have been teaching energy work and psychic gift development (among other things) to people since 2001 and while I would never claim to be “the best” I am really good at what I do.  I never wanted to teach, so it came as quite the surprise to me when my Guides insisted I learn Reiki 3.

After that, so many of my Gifts started developing and though I lived in an energetically progressive environment, the classes offered out there to develop them were pitiful and only suited for novices.  And I was a novice at the time – but they were incredibly limited and really not helpful to me.  So I turned to my guides and they taught me and I can see now why this was an important process for me to go to, because it helped me see and understand how there are people who “teach” and there are people who guide others to discover themselves.

We exist out here, you know.  We don’t sit there and list credential after credential after credential to declare “how great” we are.  We know how competent and effective our teaching methods are and we Trust that Spirit brings to us those who need our gifts and abilities.  In many cases this life is more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined.  It is just when someone lands in my life badly damaged because of all kinds of misconceptions and out right fabrications someone taught them that I get outraged all over again.

Please, people, please.  Just because someone has a certificate on the wall does not mean they are competent.  Do your research.  Be rational.  Ask questions – don’t just go for the lowest, cheapest price.  If you cannot afford an expensive course you want GO GET A BOOK!  You can get them from the library, from book shares, and multiple online discount stores for much cheaper than buying a cheap course online and then the expense of having to have the mess created because you cheaped out to begin with.

You don’t just accept someone was a doctor because they put a certificate on the wall.  You want to know what their training is – especially if they are going to slice you open at any point.  It is the same with energy workers – we slice into your energy systems so you need to be CAREFUL!

Just because someone has a certificate that says they completed a course in “communicating with the angels” does not mean they actually can communicate with angels.  Or with anyone energetic.

Just because someone has completed a chakra balancing course does not mean they are empathic or clair sentient and can feel and manipulate the energy vortices of your energy system.  It is JUST a certificate!

And last but definitely not least, if someone has a certificate with their name on it and they say they are a healer and you need to trust them – get the hell out of there.  Any reputable, ethical energy worker does not claim to be a healer because they KNOW that each person is responsible for their own healing.

Certificates do not mean ANYTHING in our reality, even if someone tries to make you think they do.  The true energetic community recognizes that Gifts are not PowerPoint – just because you take a class and have a certificate of completion does NOT mean you now have that gift or that you know how to use that gift.

© 2017 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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