Salvation through Love – We are ALL One

I have moments I call my “salvation” moment – where a profound sense of understanding and love overcomes me and brings me to a high level of comprehension on many, many levels.

I had a salvation moment today, watching, of all things a movie of the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines.  While watching this game movie, I had a flash back to the Aliens 2 movie where the lead character, Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, says to a corporate shill after discovering he was about to betray them to the alien monsters:

You know, Burke, I don’t know which species is worse. You don’t see them f*cking each other over for a g*dd*mn percentage.”

With that quote recollection, my salvation moment occurred.  I felt a connection to every single human being on the planet, light thread whirling around the planet touching each and every person until everyone was touched.  And each person mattered, and each person contributed, and each person was a piece of me.

Again, this was a moment so beyond just “knowing” these things – it was feeling it all in one long moment and being brought to my knees and brought to tears at the love and the connectedness that was unconsciously present and then again brought to tears because of the Truth of Knowing that that all the problems in this plane of reality stem from the fact that every person places a value upon other humans that is lesser than the value he or she places upon their self.

They then rank their loved ones over each and every other person, and the ranking continues with reason after reason of why “this” or “that” person is more important than someone else until at the bottom of the list are the poor, the children, old people, sick people, and anyone else without some qualifier to make them valuable.

Instead of the basic fact that they are A HUMAN BEING and that alone makes them your equal.  I am not sure if this is quite clear or not, as I am still in the throws of emotional responses to my Salvation moment, but let me try it this way.

As long as we allow rules to be made and enforced, as long as we allow corporations and military organizations and governments to pit groups of individuals against other groups of individuals there will always be select individuals who will bury all others under their demonic possession driving them towards avarice and greed.

How much will it cost you for someone to buy your vote?  You are not that type of person, you say, but I say again to you – how much will it cost for your vote to be bought? What is the price for you to sell your ethical standards?  What is the one financial incentive that will win every time when someone is faced with a decision?


The idea of fear, the sense of fear, the strangeness that goes along with the unknown being manipulated into a sense of fear – the have’s versus the have not’s, the blacks against the whites, the Muslims against the Jews against the Christians…it goes on and on and on.  And the only ones who win are….NO ONE.

EVERYONE is connected on this planet.  EVERYONE comes from the same place and everyone returns to the same place.  If you want to believe that place is up on a cloud or down in a pit of fire or if you become a tree or if you return to the Cosmic Interface of Love – you won’t be alone regardless of where you end up.  Everyone ends up in the same place because Religion – in all shapes and forms – was right up there as the first place winner of divide and conquer.

Can’t accept them because…..can’t accept THEM because…and so on and so on.

Stop.  Just Stop for a moment.

Imagine with me that your mother and your father and your neighbors mother and father were all in a car sinking in the river.  Who would you save?  Would you jump in and drown the neighbor’s parents to get to yours in the backseat?  Or, would you save them because everyone was important?

When we work together with the goal of EVERYONE getting the same thing – healthy food, clean water, clothes appropriate to the weather, medicine for all ills without regard to where they come from, how they talk, what they worship, what color they are, what their hair is like, etc. etc. etc. – then the solution becomes very apparent.  When coming up with a solution, the goal must be for EVERYONE to benefit – not just a chosen few.

There are so many ways in place today where people are told to draw lines to exclude – mine, yours, theirs, ours, his, hers etc. – yet none are drawn with inclusion, for all.

Why is anyone more important than any other person?  Why should poor children in the inner city get treated shabbily while the rich people get everything.  They can already buy everything – why is is important to take away what little is available to those who cannot?

And it is not just money – it is every form of commerce, power, trade, influence…instead of viewing each person as relevant and vital they instead slice and dice according to favor and flavor.

What I am saying is not new – everyone has experienced it somewhere: the friend from school who picked a more popular person to go somewhere with instead of you, the promotion you were denied because someone “better qualified” came along and you found out later that their better qualification came from being related to someone else, the time you were snubbed in public by someone because your clothes were as expensive as someone else’s or because you did not accessorize as expensively as someone else, the dates who turned you down (or accepted) because of the vehicle you drove or the zip code you lived in, the application ignored because the spelling of your name was not Anglo-Saxon enough to pass the filter system…but that does not mean you have to continue to live that programming.

Instead, try looking at everyone as if they were you – exactly like you, for they are.  They have families and friends, loved ones and heartbreaks all to their name.  All humans want the same things – to be loved, clean air, good food, and safe places to live.  In our society we need safe transportation – public or private – and no one should feel unsafe just because they take the train somewhere.

I don’t know what it will take for people to truly connect with the energy and emotion I connected with today.  I truly hope it happens though, before more heartache happens. Don’t look to “leaders” or “politicians” to do this for you – Do it for you!

Look at everyone just as if they were you!  Then, try to imagine who might benefit if they had all the things you had at your disposal.  Maybe try to imagine what it is like for them, sleeping out on the streets, dirty and their hair matted, hungry, alone, and desperate, possibly hurting from a medical condition they don’t have money to pay to get drugs for to help them heal.

These are not reasons to hate someone, to want to hurt them or revel in the idea that you have more than they do.  Everyone’s life has been the result of all their choices and decisions, but that does not mean you cannot feel compassion for someone who should be viewed as your equal and obviously is not.

We are all the Same.  We all come from Love and we will all return to Love, and boy, it sure would be wonderful if people could share some of that Love around the world today with the others who live here.

I am infusing this blog with all the Love and Energy that I can put into it – a high vibration that I dearly hope will reach into the locked away heart of everyone who reads it or who has it read to them.  Love is a phenomenal, wonderful, exhilarating emotion that can work wonders.  Let’s have Love work its wonder on our reality now.

Embrace Love.

Live Love.

Be Love, Be Love, Be Love.

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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