Someone once told me in a reading…in pretty great detail…about some energies that were going to come in to my life…from inside of me…that I would be puzzled about why I was feeling a certain way and about inclinations I would start to feel.

If I had not already known and felt those things I would have thought that person crazy.
Change does not come from outside of oneself – it comes from within.
That has been said many times, but it is a Great Truth.  Something inside us shifts a tiny bit, moves a little to the left or right, or up and down, and suddenly we are inside the center of our bodies looking out at our body and outside at our life.
Looking at where we are…what we are doing or have been doing.  Wondering not just why did I get “here”to this moment, but more importantly, how do I go back to feeling ‘normal’?  Yet – you realize in that moment that normal does not exist.  It is merely a feeling of being accustomed to a particular vibration, a place of familiarity, knowing your life and its tides that flow in and out.
Change happens – it is unavoidable.  It is how we embrace the differences within ourselves that determines what kind of change results.
The tides of your life shift in response to the energy that swells inside of you.  It is time to embrace that energy and use it to change your life in a way that feels right to you instead of just floating on the boogie board and looking at the sky of your life.

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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