Healing Through the Akasha

Many books have been published about the Akasha over the last 20 years.  There are many practitioners who provide excellent readings via the Akasha (as well as some not-excellent ones!) where you will receive information to assist you in this lifetime.

For over 5 years, that was one service I provided (in addition to others) – I too was simply a purveyor of information, a practitioner who provided Akashic Readings to individuals who were looking for answers to the issues and questions they faced in their lives.

Because of the way my set of Gifts and Abilities actualize, due due to the combination of my somewhat unique Life Paths, my readings provide clear detailed, complete information to your Life Purposes, Relationship issues, Life Lessons, and other information available regarding a wide variety of topics that shower you with knowledge and guidance to move forward with your day-to-day and with your future plans.

Then, starting about 10 years ago, Archangel Gabriel began to guide me to do more than just provide information to clients.  Combining the experiences and skills developed through working with the other Archangels and Ascended Masters with the knowledge of the Akasha, I began to assist my clients with not just understanding, but healing both deep-seated and acute issues they were and had experienced in this lifetime.  These sessions then transitioned into healing the individual and the High Self at the Soul Level.

My abilities to facilitate healing on the Soul Level not only assist you now, in this lifetime, but they assist every lifetime the High Self experiences throughout eternity by releasing and expediting detrimental energies for the High Self.  This expediting allows karma to be processed on an immediate level, which raises the vibration of all lifetimes affected, thus benefiting the High Self.

I have worked with clients raised in highly abusive environments to understand the “why” their life happened the way it did – and then we together we released the trauma from this lifetime so they could move forward with a higher vibration and a positive perspective.

I have worked with clients going through relationship dissolutions – often a very heartbreaking process – and provided them with the “why” of their getting together and the “why” of them now splitting apart.  All significant relationships have a basis in the Akasha and a significant number of them need assistance to be closed out for the parties to move forward.

Many times this closure occurs naturally – and the individuals work through their pain in their own way.  Yet sometimes, especially in relationships that are challenging, the energy of the Karmic Agreement has become warped and convoluted around the involved parties and must be cleared away.  This energy is not readily accessible to those who do not work in the Akasha, for it exists in a vibration that is pertinent to that Etheric environment.

I have received emergency phone calls from clients experiencing acute pain that came “out of nowhere”.  Through our work in the Akasha, we were able to determine the pain was really an attack from someone in a different lifetime that they knew there and we eliminated the attack.  In most cases, once the pain is gone, clients are not concerned about the “why”, but knowledge is power and it is important to my ethics to provide suitable information so you may take care and protect yourself in the future.

I have received ecstatic phone calls from clients, certain the love of their life had finally appeared.  They were convinced this person was their “Soul Mate” or “Twin Flame” and that this person would now fulfill them and make their life  a living paradise.  The vast majority were ready to jump ship and move across the world, or across the city, to live with them – and toss their old life to the curb.  On so many levels – Wow!!

Through the Akasha, we can determine the exact nature of this individual’s actual relationship with you before you do anything rash!  There may be karmic lessons at play, we can learn the time lines of involvement, AND best of all – the majority of the time we can eliminate the urgency of the energies behind the situation so you are able to feel and act in a reasonable fashion, that actually works with your life!  This minimizes irreparable damage to the current relationships in your life.

This is so important, for 98% of the time, the individual you think is a “Soul Mate” or “Twin Flame” is actually a karmic agreement and not the “real deal”.  Do you really want to throw everything away for a relationship that seems like heaven now, but in six months will leave you crying and alone, desolate because you hurt so many people in your rush to act on emotional impulses and no one wants to associate with you because you are untrustworthy?

I have worked with clients with long term health issues in the Akasha.  With many health issues, we are able to eliminate the influence of other lifetimes on this lifetime, allowing the client to move forward with addressing the issues stemming from this lifetime alone.

In situations of diagnosed mental health issues, we are happy to provide our clients with information that determines if the mental health issues stems from a Life Lesson, We are always pleased to provide assistance to each of our clients, but in cases where the mental health situation is a Life Lesson, we prefer to work in conjunction with licensed medical practitioners and psychological counselors to help the individual move forward in their healing process and with living their life.

Maybe you are “stuck” in an unfulfilling job or in a location you dislike or your friends who are not really “friends”, yet you cannot see how to make a change in your life.  Living in a state of unhappiness – whether it takes place in your intimate relationships, your family and friend relationships, or your career – has a negative impact upon you that can lead to emotional depression and self-destructive coping behaviors that help you ignore what is happening in your life.

The Akasha holds all the information regarding this lifetime (and all other lifetimes), and when the practitioner possesses the experience, knowledge, and wisdom change and healing can occur.  All it takes is you to decide that you are ready for that change to take place.

Reach out to me today to start your healing process.

Healing Through the Akasha sessions per two hour session and are $175 (US).

Personal Sessions are $125 (US) per two hour session.  These are guided by your High Self, and may include a channeled message/s, information accessed from the Akasha, Reiki Healing work, Chakra clearings and alignments, Etheric Body Alignment, clearing of detrimental energy and energy beings, space clearings, or other services as indicated.  Additional details of modalities and services may be found at Shredding the Darkness Within.

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