Questions for Seekers to Ask When Selecting an Energy Practitioner

By asking these questions in a curious tone of voice none should be taken by the practitioner as an attack.  Most will be happy to discuss their own journey of how they got to “now”, but if you are speaking with someone who is introverted it may be a slightly more difficult conversation than with a naturally gregarious individual.  Please remember some people will be cautious answering until they understand that you are serious about seeking a long-term mentor.

  1. I have heard the phrase “highest and best good” – can you explain what this means to you?
    (This gives them the opportunity to explain what this phrase means to them.  Throughout the rest of the interview you can see if they live the ideals they express here.)
  2. What was the first modality you learned?
  3. How did you figure out what you wanted to learn?
    (This is a leading question to help them explain their path to you.  This may or may not be pertinent to your own path, but how they explain themselves will help you in understanding their mentality towards energy work.)
  4. What types of energetic protection do you use daily and with your clients/students?
    (This is a trick question.  The majority of energy workers still do not use protection which leaves their clients and students vulnerable.  It may be that you still follow through with this teacher, but at least you know upfront you will be responsible for your own energy protection.)
  5. I am trying to figure out what classes/sessions to take for myself.  Can you help me point me in a direction?
    (This is a semi trick question.  Most all in the energy field will recommend meditation to begin with in some variation (breath work, yoga, etc.) but then if they are interested in YOU they will ask you questions about what you are experiencing and any signs of gifts that may be present.  If they don’t, and just immediately launch into a litany of what they teach you may want to consider a different teacher.)
  6. How long have you used (desired) modality?
  7. Can you explain to me why you decided to help others with (desired) modality?
    (The way they answer will help you understand their character and ethics.  Yes, we all need to earn a living, however some people are there to make a buck and others want to help people develop their own self-identity and spiritual self.  You want to make sure you find a teacher who is interested in your highest and best good above making a dollar.)
  8. What other modalities do you use personally?
    (If all they are is a one trick pony then you may want to definitely find someone else.  No, not everyone is a Master teacher, but usually everyone who is teaching employs a few things in their personal life to keep them balanced – i.e., meditation, crystal work, art, music etc.)
  9. What Gifts are you aware of possessing?
    [There exists universally acknowledged Gifts:
    Clairaudience (hearing)
    Clairvoyance (seeing)
    Clairsentience (sensing of energy and information)
    Claircognizance (knowing)
    Empathy (ability to sense emotions) {which has two categories: receptive and projective}
    Note – there is a significant difference between clairsentience and empathy]
    THIS IS NOT AN INDICATOR OF WHETHER OR NOT TO OBTAIN THIS PERSON AS A TEACHER.  Most everyone develops at least one gift during their path, but just because someone else may have 3 or 4 gifts developed does not mean they are better.  All it means is that they have developed their abilities inherent to themselves.)
  10. Can you recognize/identify the Gifts I possess?
    (Gifts are incredibly special and wonderful and each person’s Gifts are tailored to their individual blue print.  No two people will experience their Gifts in an identical manner.  Harry Potter this is NOT.)
  11. Do you know how to develop Gifts in individuals?
    (This is a question that needs to be asked.  It may be that this practitioner does not have the ability to actively do this, but may know someone who does.)
  12. Do you believe in Angels, Guides, spirits, animal guides, etc?
    (This question is pertinent in that it allows the practitioner the opportunity to begin to explain their spiritual background.)
  13. Can you teach me how to communicate with my Guides?
    (This one is simple and should be in every teacher’s repertoire!  Meditation is the absolute best first step every person should take and will help everyone communicate with their guides even if their Gifts are completely undeveloped.)
  14. A lot of energy practitioners teach (X) modality.  Can you tell me why taking the class from you is in my highest and best good?
    (This is a trick question.  If they immediately launch into a clearly identifiable marketing speech you will understand that this is their BUSINESS.  Which is different from a VOCATION.  Those following their vocation will honor the student’s highest and best good – not just their own business needs.)
  15. Is all your learning from other human teachers or have you been taught by Guides, Spirits, Angels, etc.?
    (This is the question that may get you the strangest looks.  Reference back to where I stated some people have the certificate so they know it all, right?!  It is quite possible to be taught by the Angelics and Guides and those you encounter who are not open to that are not likely to allow you the freedom to explore that either.  Seek elsewhere.)
  16. If there was one take-away you wanted me to have from this interview, what would it be?
    (Semi-trick question.  If they launch into a marketing spiel versus what you can do for yourself then you know this is not the correct person.)


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