Recommended Resources

The links below will take you to practitioners and resources with whom I can personally attest to being authentic and having integrity.

Always one’s individual guidance to verify that the practitioner is the appropriate person with which to do the work.  Your Guidance will always find a way to indicate a yes or no, so you should ALWAYS ask before agreeing to engage someone’s services.

Darrell Steen

Resonance Repatterning:
Liz Tobin

MaryPhyllis Horn

Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, and More:
Chris Gozdzik – Divining Mind

Music for Meditation, Reflection, and Connection:
Jennifer Berezan – Edge of Wonder
Recommendations include:
In These Arms

Sage Supplies and other Sacred Burning Items:
Matoska Trading Company

Essential Oils – Singular or Blends:
Earth Angel Oils

Comments or Questions?

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