The Shift Series-Part 1: Healing when Shifts Occur

I have been provided with information via the Angelics to share regarding the Shifts we have been experiencing.  These Energy Shifts are a Gift to humans as we can use them as a platform to heal and grow.  If you are feeling the Shifts then this is a signal that this is a key opportunityContinue reading “The Shift Series-Part 1: Healing when Shifts Occur”

Becoming Human – Otherwise Known as Arriving in Hell

I have been tasked by a student of mine to create some blogs on topics we discuss during sessions that she (a very definite web search individual) has never found online.  So – today begins the first of the blogs I have been nudged towards writing in the hopes that it will be discovered byContinue reading “Becoming Human – Otherwise Known as Arriving in Hell”

Possession versus Channeling

From a channeling with Gabriel, Archangel of Light: There are several differences between possession and channeling, the first and foremost being that the consciousness of the form is willing to release control to channel the message.  In possession, it is not willing. In channeling, the one being channeled is generally one of light, though someContinue reading “Possession versus Channeling”

Humans, Spirituality, and Demons

There is a Truth regarding the human plane – each person resonates with his/her own frequency and that frequency aligns with Spirit along a particular energy Path.  Each Path is different and is designed to pull individuals who resonate in alignment to it, though each person is free to walk away through the right of theirContinue reading “Humans, Spirituality, and Demons”

Trust, Faith, and Spirit Works

I have been presented with a challenge that requires me to face that which strikes fear deep within and to communicate patiently with my boss who has proven to be less than ethical and is definitely not straightforward.  The fear being multi-faceted, but at the foremost was the fear of being unemployed.  So I communedContinue reading “Trust, Faith, and Spirit Works”


Wow!  12/21/12 is upon us!  The energy has been quite interesting for me, but unlike some feedback I have been receiving, the main sensation I have been feeling is that of “rightness”, of being where I am supposed to be, and that all is in accordance with the Plan. Yes, things are a little up-and-downContinue reading “Live LOVE”

All you need is love

All you need is love Today’s blog, this rambling, semi-cohesive collection of my thoughts, is centered around one aspect of “love”.  I am in the process of moving to a new home and have been blessed with the love of friends who have helped me every stage of this process.  The next stage, however, IContinue reading “All you need is love”

Love is all around us

Love is all around us.  I don’t mean the people who are in our lives, or the lovely light beings who are here with us every moment of our lives, but the high vibration energy that has been merging into this plane of existence and is soon going to be fully open to us. ThisContinue reading “Love is all around us”


Truth.  Roll the concept around on your tongue and in your mind.  Do you really know what truth means? Some people consider truth to be a fact – like science.  Some people believe that there are Universal Truths that are evident every day in life. I believe that truth is a wonderfully complex idea thatContinue reading “Truth”

Life after 12/21/12

This is not my normal “blog” topic, but it is something I want to put out there for people to think and consider.  So much information has been put “out there” regarding 12/21/12 that I have really avoided adding my two cents worth.  I truly believe that we each need to look inside and connectContinue reading “Life after 12/21/12”