Salvation through Love – We are ALL One

I have moments I call my “salvation” moment – where a profound sense of understanding and love overcomes me and brings me to a high level of comprehension on many, many levels. I had a salvation moment today, watching, of all things a movie of the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines.  While watching this gameContinue reading “Salvation through Love – We are ALL One”

Lessons on Love, even after Death

A number of years back, I had a client who wanted to know a very common thing – what was her Path?  What was she meant to do? This client was not young, right out of school.  She was older; she had grown children and a successful career.  She was very numbers oriented and hadContinue reading “Lessons on Love, even after Death”

Gifts and Abilities are not like PowerPoint – you can’t just take a class and acquire them

I don’t know how to title this blog because regardless of how I entitle it, I know it is going to offend someone out there.  And while I do regret that someone’s feelings may get hurt or they may get offended by this particular blog, I also honor myself and the Truth I see inContinue reading “Gifts and Abilities are not like PowerPoint – you can’t just take a class and acquire them”

Holding Faith When Your World is Rocked

“What is meant to be will happen.” “There exists a reason for everything.” “Every situation holds a lesson from which to grow.” “There is no such thing as coincidence.” “Look for the meaning behind the actions and find peace.” These are sayings that those of us following a spiritual path share amongst ourselves and passContinue reading “Holding Faith When Your World is Rocked”

No One Will Want Me

I was recently working with a client who told to me they were having trouble finding their voice.  The concern was that in a field of thousands that they were not “unique” and had “nothing new to say” and the conversation ended with “No one will want me”. I know that feeling.  There is alwaysContinue reading “No One Will Want Me”

The Ego Prevents You From Recognizing Truth

Ethics in energy work is paramount.  I have blogged about it previously and provided a questionnaire for individuals seeking teachers and practitioners. Yet Spirit continues to send to me clients who do not exhibit any knowledge of what the Ego does or can do. When pressed in conversation about the Ego and the steps theyContinue reading “The Ego Prevents You From Recognizing Truth”

The Shift Series-Part 1: Healing when Shifts Occur

I have been provided with information via the Angelics to share regarding the Shifts we have been experiencing.  These Energy Shifts are a Gift to humans as we can use them as a platform to heal and grow.  If you are feeling the Shifts then this is a signal that this is a key opportunityContinue reading “The Shift Series-Part 1: Healing when Shifts Occur”

Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and Contracts

For years I have been fielding questions from students and clients about when their Twin Flame was going to arrive in their life – potentially to make their life end like a Disney fairy tale.  I have told them, time and again, the difference between the idyllic dream they have and the truth that exists.Continue reading “Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and Contracts”

Be the Love Around You

This weekend I was very excited to participate in the Grand Opening of a new healing center in South Chicago called Journey to Wholeness Center.  It is a beacon of Light in an environment where Light resources are non-existent.  This is the first community in the area where people drawn to the Light can gather, practice,Continue reading “Be the Love Around You”

Acceptance and Appreciation for Those Living a Different Truth

Every now and then I get caught up in the hubris of my certainty.  I understand the world in a certain way, just as we each do, and I share that world way with my students.  I do understand, however, that my way is not the only way and that there is MUCH out there thatContinue reading “Acceptance and Appreciation for Those Living a Different Truth”