Client Testimonials

Lil P.
Thank you for all you have done for me…your work has made a real difference for me and I am extremely grateful.

Pam D.
My new tools you gave me have made this journey so do-able, so grounded, and allowed me to maintain peace without anxiety attacks through all of it.  HURRAH FOR YOU!!!!

Since working with you, I have had a notable, good change in my physical health, I don’t feel as sick as I used to before working with you.  I have more energy.  And I think I’ve lost about 3 pounds.  Health Insurance Plans should have you on their list of practitioners.  You could totally help them cut down on costs of therapists and medicines and doctors visits.


I am so thankful for the knowledge and guidance from my earthly sages and my heavenly angles/guides.

I would like to thank you and my spirit Guides for the gifts which you have given me.

Meera S.
Thank you very much for doing the empowerment and for sending the…information.  May you continue such invaluable service to all who need it for as long as it is needed.

Barb B.
Thank you for all you are doing & have done.  I am experiencing a very favorable & profound effect.  I look forward to really spending time w/these techniques.  Thank you for that.  It’s good.  You do good work!

I LOVE the tools you gave me.  I know how to get through difficult times ahead of me in my journey.  Priceless!

A seasoned Reiki practitioner, Julia was a master at setting and holding space. The meditative journey she guided us through was very profound. While I don’t remember the specifics, I recall experiencing something new. While I was conscious of the journey, I was also suspended in an altered state. There was a sense of a “pink bubble” that surrounded me. I felt like I was in a parallel “other” place at the same time Julia guided me. By the end of the meditation, I felt a wonderful sense of peace, contentment, and wellbeing.

Holly M.
Excellent experiences!!!  Julia is an extremely gifted individual who was able to pinpoint my obstacles and help me resolve issues that I have been struggling with for years!

I have also attended reiki level 1 classes taught by Julia and she is a true reiki master who is an excellent teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable and makes learning easy and enjoyable.

Kevin D.

Transcendent. I have been on my spiritual journey for 25 years and have not encountered anyone who can do what Julia does. She has guided me through intense healing, and has provided messages from the Archangels and Ascended Masters in a way that speak directly to my needs. Julia’s currency is Truth and Love for one’s highest and best good. I am eternally grateful to her.

Sam H.
Julia is a caring sensitive individual who always takes the best interest of her clients to heart. She maintains a high level of integrity in what she does.

Latrese G.
You Won’t Be Disappointed!  Julia is an experience! From the moment I met her I knew that she was the truth. I highly recommend her services. I have taken several classes with her, and intend or taking more. She is knowledgeable, kind, welcoming, and spiritually gifted.

Sherry N.
The Spiritual Mentor is a High Level Professional Practitioner and Teacher.

“I have done several sessions for clearing and healing with Julia and each time Julia provided a typed summary of what was done, suggestions as to what is needed moving forward as to healing etc, even messages from Guides and she is always happy to answer questions. She is wonderful to work with!!! I particularly like that she works with the Angelics. : ) Her Readings are excellent and her Meditations are Peaceful and Relaxing.

Published by Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.