About The Spiritual Mentor

I am a Mystic, an Intuitive, and I align with the Angelic, which means that my Work incorporates the Angelics’ assistance, Guidance, and chattiness.  Some people are Shamanic, some are Druidic, etc., but I “became” Angelic when they started appearing to me over 15 years ago.  I did not believe in Angels at that point, so it was quite the interesting process.

My path towards realizing I am a Mystic has been circuitous; I attained my Reiki 3rd Degree (Master) status which allows me to teach others the wonderful modality of Reiki for their personal healing and transformation purposes as well as to help others.

I developed the ability to trans-channel, which means I become a vessel for the Light Beings to speak through.  I was always a very sensitive Empath and Intuitive all my life and since 2001 that sensitivity has only increased.  My different Gifts and abilities combine well as they are geared to help me excel in my work with Archangel Michael Cleansing environment and people of the Darkness that exists.

My Pathwork bring a lot of different opportunities and individuals into my field of influence and I have discovered that one of my greatest joys is to facilitate and help others discover who they are now, what their Gifts are, and ultimately help guide them onto their Path and Inner Truth.  Truly, we each carry everything we need to know for our spiritual fulfillment, but sometimes we need help and guidance from someone in the ‘real world’.

I work with individuals via private sessions, workshops, classes, and Personal Mentoring programs. Some sessions are able to be done via distance while the workshops, classes, and personal mentoring are done in the Chicagoland environment with the occasional class or workshop held in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.

Please use the Contact Page if you would like additional information or want to schedule time with me.

Blessings to you!


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