Auric Cleansing Sessions (Removal of Detritus and Sentient Dark Beings)

There is great resistance by people to the idea of that detrimental beings can negatively affect, influence, or even take over someone’s body.  Most people view the idea of demons existsing as “crazy talk” or myths dragged out ages gone by to scare people.  Many religions may provide the idea that they exist, but the truth is warped out of its true context and the knowledge of how to remedy the situation has also been eithe warped or lost.

Society often continues this trend of misinformation through the use of movies and televisions shows.  Please understand, when someone is within a sentient detrimental beings influence running away screaming, splashing holy water at them, or chanting prayers is not going to eliminate the problem.  It takes a lot more than that and often times the behavior of the person “trying to assist” leaves them vulnerable to possession.

Many individuals are negatively affected prior to reaching the full possession stage. Sentient detriments can be reduced and/or eliminated from the individual at any point of the influence/possession stage instead of allowing them to proceed unchecked in their goal.  Unfortuately for individuals in our world today, even though there are tons of websites out there and lots of “resources” available, there are pitifully few valid locations available that will provide techniques and methods that will legitimately assist those who need them.

Few individuals beleagered by the detrimental sentient beings will even look for assistance because they are influenced enough by the detritus to believe what is happening to them is only happening in their mind and that no one will believe them.  This is a form of Truth, however what is not true is that the individual cannot be helped, for when someone wants to be helped and is willing to allow the work to be performed the healing process can produce significant, positive results for the individual.

Each client’s situation is different, for every case is dependent upon what types of detrimental beings are attached, so no one is “processed” through a rote system.  The effects the detrimental beings can manifest in a variety of ways and we respect that. Emotional, mental, and even physical effects are usual for the individual who is suffering under the influence of detrimental beings.

Most people, however, believe they will be labeled as crazy and locked away if they should reach out for assistance, as our society holds a dim view of they spiritual and supernatural. We understand intimately the large variety of experiences someone can go through as we have over 15 years experience in assisting people through the elimination of possession. We understand what an individual can be experiencing energetically, emotionally, physically, and mentally when they are enduring sentient dark being attacks and we take it very seriously.

Once we are contacted and make a determination regarding the client’s situations and needs, we will provide a synopsis of the work needed immediately and long term.  Both types of cleansing work can take place distantly or in person to affect change in the individual.  Prior to the session, a client’s entire energy systems is reviewed for the number and type of sentient detrimental beings and a review will be provided to the client regarding the number of sessions required to assist with acute care.

This work is effective regardless of location as the cleansing work is not limited by physical location on the earth plane and there are no physical tools or implements that are required for the Cleanser to complete the work.  The Cleanser works with Archangel Michael and both facilitates the session and monitors the individual’s current physical and emotional state.

Many cleansing situations require the joint cleansing of the client’s personal space and possessions as the detritus can create links in the person’s physical locations to allow them to escape the work performed on the client’s physical/energy body/s.  If there are others who reside in the same place with the client, they will also benefit from a review of their energy systems as well as they can be adversely affected from the situation as well.

Long term self care information will also be provided to those who are interested in preventing the situation from repeating.  The vast majority of individuals living today go about their lives without knowing the high number of sentient and detrimental dark beings attached to them.  At a certain point, the individual has given away enough of their personal power that full body possession is imminent.  Those concerned about someone else or concerned about their own safety need to take steps to protect themselves and those around them.

The Spiritual Mentor is highly trained with vast experience removing detrimental beings from people, spaces, and environments in person and distantly.  These detrimental beings can include demons, ghosts, negative vibrations, dark ETs, and other dark energy beings.