My History…

I have been working with individuals to discover their Spiritual Gifts and their Life Path since 2001.  This is why:

When I was five years old, I realized that I saw people in my room that no one else could see.  For a five year old this was scary!  Especially as no one else saw anything or anyone I saw.  After several years, I stopped noticing anyone in the room.  I realized much later in life that somehow I had blocked my clairvoyance, but at the time it had seemed necessary.

After this point, I stopped having conversations with anyone about these things.  I would still read stories about ghosts and watch movies about them avidly, but I would never tell anyone about them as I was ridiculed by my mother for what I had told her in the past.

In my early 30’s, my father passed on.  It was devastating to me; once I had returned home, my father began to visiting me, coming to see me every night, sitting on the edge of my bed and talking with me.  This process lasted for over three months, and during this time the vision burned into her mind of her father dying from cancer, looking like a holocaust prisoner changed, and he returned to the “normal” state had had been in all her life.

But more importantly, he kept the promise they had made to each other years earlier, that whoever passed first would come back and tell the other what happened after physical death.  He shared much information with me during those nighttime visits, and left me with the certainty there was indeed something beyond death, but I knew it was far beyond what differing religions taught.

One night, he came and told me that it was the last time he was going to come visit me.  And he left me with a wonderful gift.  He reached forward and touched my third chakra with his finger which was light up with flames and said, “all there is is love.”  I was filled with complete and absolute Love in that moment, though it did fade.  When I concentrated, however, I could feel a tiny flicker of joy focused in my third chakra and I realized at that point how fake my “real” life was and how I had to find what I was missing.

Incredibly, the next day I heard messages relayed through the family that all my siblings had also been visited by dad that night – even the ones who did not believe in “that stuff”. Dad had left us all with a present to reshape our personal lives.

Myself, I to seek – to look for something that would recreate the joy dad left me with during the last visit.  Even though I had Tarot readings since she I 15 years old, that was just a stepping stone to seeking out all kinds of different esoteric modalities.  Books, practices, and modalities that spoke to me were all considered.  If it resonated inside then I would buy it.  Sometimes I bought books only to find a small chapter or paragraph would resonate within me, so I kept looking for that “something” that would fulfill my urge to seek.

Years later, I discovered Reiki through a class taught at the community college.  We had moved to North Carolina and I was wearing multiple hats, as always.  A new job, a new state, taking care of my mother, and my own health had deteriorated over the years. Stress had taken its toll and the quest had become even more personal with this health issue.

After just one attunement to Reiki, my Gifts burst open, flowering at an amazing speed. I fast-tracked through Reiki, going from the first Reiki 1 attunement to Reiki Mastership Attunement in six months.  It took a year to finish the Apprenticeship program, but that was a year which continued the theme of “changes a’plenty!”

My children also experienced clairvoyance and after moving into a newly built home they had a number of experiences seeing people walking around the house.  In one instance, my younger daughter was deeply frightened by these individuals.  I gathered her up and we went into my bedroom and we sat together, while I meditated and asked for Guidance from the Light as to what to do.  During this point in my life, I truly believed in the “all if love” mantra, just as many who are newly introduced to Lightwork do.

This request for assistance brought Archangel Michael to me.  Michael came to her in meditation and instructed her on how to remove the “ghosts” in the house, which he called discarnates, and from then on over many months he taught me to clear spaces of detritus, and then we shifted into the real work – clearing demons of increasing levels and complexity from both places and people.

My Gifts continued to grow during the daily meditations with Michael.  I went from feeling intuitively to hearing words to hearing complete conversations.  Over time I realized I could trans-channel any being, but I selectively choose to only channel those beings of Light.  I discovered when I looked at people I would instinctively know how many demons were attached to that person and what types.

I developed the skill to speak with others’ higher selves and gain information helpful to that person about their life path and their personal Gifts.  Every time I thought I had peaked in the progression of my Gifts I discovered another aspect where Gifts still had room to grow.

Then one day, through a conversation with my Reiki Master, I realized that this was not the case for everyone.  Most people struggled to discover their gifts, much less found their gifts blossoming spontaneously.  And I realized by the way the others expressed themselves that my journey and the awareness of and development of my Gifts hurt others.  I was grieved for I knew how much of a difference my Gifts made in my life and how much I LOVED this part of who I was.

I had been teaching Reiki already for a number of years, introducing friends and family to the modality.  I had worked on people, helping them to shred the darkness within that they had accumulated during their lifetime.  Each of these successes helped people grow, helped them to live their authentic lives.  It just seemed as if there was something else I needed to be doing.

Then, in June 2012, Archangel Ariel appeared to me and indicated that it was now time for me to channel the energy of Ariel’s 9th ray into the Earth plane as his chosen Avatar.  This was yet another way I could help people grow – by helping them attune to his vibration.

Ariel is the Archangel of Spiritual Empowerment and Harmony and bringing that resonance into the Earth plane at this time has a powerful message for the inhabitants.  It also provides a vibrational shift for those who are looking deep within themselves and trying to connect with the Creator.  It does not mean it is quick or easy – in fact the process can take as long as it needs to as it is driven by each person’s experiences – but it all combines to create a powerful process unique to each person for developing their Gifts and communicating with their Higher Self.