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House Clearings (General)

When a clearing takes place, a variety of common energetic situations are cleared away and the energetic vibration of the property is raised to higher level so that these negative vibrations and low-level entities no longer influence and affect the residents.  We pride ourselves on discretion, the ability to identify and remove detritus of all levels one can encounter on the human plane, and effectiveness in the removal process.

If travel time is greater than 1.5 hours one way travel fees will be assessed.

up to 2,000 square feet = $150
2,000 to 3,000 square feet = $450
We will provide an estimate for larger residences and business environments.


Auric Cleansing Sessions

Each session is priced by Archangel Michael and can range from $75 to $125.


Dissonance Resolution Therapy

Each session is $55


Akashic Record Readings

60 minute Akashic Record Reading – $75
90 minute Akashic Record Reacing – $125


Private Channeling Sessions/Readings

Private channelings ~ $75


Attunement to the 9th Ray (Archangel Ariel) Vibration of Spiritual Enlightenment and Harmony

Attunement to Archangel Ariel Fee:  $55


Attunement to Archangel Michael and the Sword of Light

Attunement to Archangel Michael Fee:  $55

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