Dissonance Resolution Therapy

Do you have destructive habits but don’t understand why?  

Are you experiencing urges or emotions new to you?  

Are you enduring addictions that are ruining your life?

Do you try over and over to stop this or that behavior and it goes well for a week or two, but then you can’t help yourself and revert back to the behavior?  

These are all situations that are extremely frustrating and sometimes downright scary, with the end result of contributing to your self hatred and contempt at your lack of self control.

Dissonance Resolution is the therapy you want to use when your behavior is out of your control, such as addictions, negativity, weight and health problems, depression, suicidal tendencies, and even OCD.  These examples are just a few emotional situations where eliminating this detrimental influence provides the space to return to normal life.

The Spiritual Mentor began working with Archangel Gabriel in 2001 and through his Guidance created Dissonance Resolution Therapy in 2015 to help individuals ease and remove destructive patterns from their behaviors.

Dissonance Resolution eliminates the influence from other lifetimes (past/future/same time and parallel) that encourages or promotes negative behaviors in this lifetime.

Dissonance Resolution removes the negative, damaging influence from these lifetimes and greatly reduces/negates the destructive behaviors and habits in question. This eases the individual’s burden and allows the return back to an appropriate behavior and/or emotional state.

Please – know this, when other lifetimes are influencing your behaviors you become a victim in your own body.  Regardless of what you attempt to change, until these influences are removed and closed out you won’t be able to achieve the success of which you dream.

Dissonance Resolution Therapy sessions are performed in person or distantly and once completed the client will receive a write-up of the session.

Each session is $55 USD