House Clearings and Blessings

Have you ever walked into a house where the air felt “thick”?  Or have you ever walked into a room and known immediately that the people there were unhappy and arguing? Perhaps you knew someone had died there, or, more tragically, had been killed there?

Houses absorb the energies of the people who live there, and those who visit.  Older homes have more energies sank into them and these energies can affect people who visit or stay in the home.

When a general clearing is done on a home, we remove all the negative energies saved up in the house and replace them with high vibrational Light energy to make the place peaceful and happy.  We pride ourselves on the ability to identify and discretely remove detritus and to leave the environment with a brighter, happier feel.

The fee for a general clearing of a residence up to 2000 sq. feet is $150.  The clearing process includes the home, basements, walk-up attics, and garages.

Residences 2,000 square feet to 3,000 square feet is $250.

Estimates for environments larger than 3000 square feet will be happily provided upon request, including business establishments.

Typical energetic situations encountered and removed during a general clearing include:

* ghosts (energy/personality of individuals who have died but not passed on)
* energy pockets related to emotional distress (anger, sadness, emotional imbalance)
* energy imprints created by past residents, visitors, and current residents
* low level detritus that gather and linger around people
* portals from other dimensions and realities

From time to time we identify more significant energetic issues/entities that need to be addressed.  In these situations, we are happy to advise the client about what needs to be addressed and why, so the client can decide what further action he or she wants to take place.

Significant issue cleansing fees will include all required visits, materials, and staff fees required for the cleansing.

Examples of issues that fall under the significant category include:
* detrimental ET monitoring devices
* high level demon infestations
* energetic attachments by negative beings to items and articles in place in residence
* demon possession of residents

In some serious situations, multiple sessions may be required to completely cleanse an environment.  Please note – detrimental ETs fall outside the normal energetic beings category and may require the services of an associate who specializes in this type of detritus.

We consider a home to be the place where you reside, regardless of whether it is an apartment, condo, duplex, or standard house.  The time it takes to clear a house depends upon the number of items to be removed as well as the size of the residence.  Location often plays heavily into the number and quality of items needing to be cleared.

For example, a more rural environment is likely to have fewer wells on the property than an urban home in a metropolitan area.  Wells collect different type of negative emotions and when there are fewer individuals there are, in general, fewer wells to clear.

Please contact us via email at to schedule your house clearing today!

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