Spiritual Mentoring

The Seeker Program is an in-person metaphysical spiritual mentoring program designed for individuals who recognize that they need assistance in moving forward with their healing and spiritual path and are not getting that level of assistance from attending a class or workshop or from receiving readings.  This Program is currently only being offered in the Greater Chicago, Illinois area as that is where I am located at this time.  If you really feel drawn to this program but are just outside this area, please contact me and we will see how we can work meeting together.

My program is not meant for those who have a casual level of curiosity regarding their spiritual state nor is it for those who wish to experiment and/or dabble in energy work – it is for those who open to the metaphysical who are experiencing a yearning that is not satisfied regardless of what they do.  These individuals know they need “something” and feel the urge to “go” somewhere, but often they don’t understand where that place is and they don’t know what they need within.  I call those committed to uncover, develop, and follow their spiritual path Seekers.

This program is a commitment you and I will both make and it needs to be considered in a serious manner, just as you would consider attending university classes.  I meet one on one with approved students at an agreed upon frequency for a six month cycle.

The focus during these sessions is to provide the Seeker with what is needed to move onto and continue to move forward along the spiritual path.  I am not allowed to tell the Seeker what they are “meant” to do as that is contrary to the Seeker’s free will choices, but I can help guide development and growth.

Each session is about the Seeker and the Seeker’s needs.  First, I don’t schedule a specific length of time for each session. My experience has been that sessions tend to last between two and three hours, but I will cut it off at four hours because saturation is reached at that point and nothing much else will be absorbed.

A number of different things may take place during the time we spend together. Some sessions may including teaching you about the human energetic system and the energy systems of the world we live in. Other times we may discuss what you are experiencing at that point in your life. I may teach you a modality to incorporate, or we may work together on developing your gifts through different exercises; we may focus exclusively on your personal healing process or we may receive messages from your guides or high self or angels.

In short, I don’t put restrictions upon what happens during these sessions as these sessions are entirely for the Seeker’s growth.  I have a basic outline of “things everyone should learn”, but each session is organic, dependent entirely upon where you are in life and what you have learned so far, your high self’s directions, and your Life Path.  Below are some details that need to be reviewed before agreeing to begin the program.

The most important detail is your commitment level – the majority of the commitment is to yourself, with a small amount to me.  You commit to yourself to make your Work a priority in your life.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t have other priorities, but for this program to work effectively you will need to do at a minimum a 20 minute meditation every day.  Even if nothing else can be done the meditation needs to be done.  If you can do longer meditations, that is great, but putting into your daily schedule the meditation will help you when you have Work to do daily.

Regular Work is required throughout this program, and regular means daily – preferably done at the same time with your meditations so your body becomes used to it, just like exercise.

If we discover that you are unable to do your work regularly, we will need to review these sessions and their value to you.  I don’t feel it is worthwhile for anyone to pay me to help them grow if they are unable to do the work that is needed for them to grow.  This has happened in the past, so don’t feel awkward about it.  Life happens and sometimes breaks occur.  I just feel it important to recognize that this is a possibility.

It is vital for you to understand that I am completely honest – and especially so during the sessions.  I am very frank and I don’t always sugar coat things that need to be discussed and reviewed, but it is never my intention to be cruel and hurtful.   Your commitment to me here is that you will communicate with me if I hurt your feelings.  It is best to say so as soon as you are able.  Sessions will be unproductive if you are unable to be open with me or if you are flinching away from what I might say next.

There will also be times when I request details that are of a very personal nature, but these requests are not salacious.  All information shared is used strictly for your growth and healing path.

I do reserve the option to sever a session or even the cycle of sessions if you are not honest with me.  I always know if I am being lied to; if I don’t feel the energy vibration the lie or omission of truth creates, the Angelics or the person’s High Self always tell me.  Some people are uncomfortable with having such a transparent relationship, so please consider that carefully.

During each session, we will meet one on one in a location that will be undisturbed.  The session will be scheduled with consideration for your schedule, though your High Self and Guidance also have voice in the scheduling.

The frequency of the sessions will at first be determined by you.  I offer three different frequencies to students and it can be difficult in the beginning to know what you need.  You will definitely want to meditate on this and ask for guidance. Also – if the frequency needs to change at any point we can do it as needed.

We can meet at a frequency of every two weeks, every three weeks, or every four weeks. To extrapolate that out, if you select the every two week frequency, we will be meeting together every two weeks.  If you select the three week frequency, we will meet together every three weeks, and etc.

I will not accept participants into the Program when they desire to schedule sessions 4 or more weeks apart.  I don’t feel this schedule can provide what Seekers need to stay focused and dedicated.  When time or schedules make participating in the Program a non-option, normal sessions can be scheduled as needed.

Extenuating circumstances occur when scheduling sessions as dates can be influenced and affected by holidays, family, travel etc., so if one needs to be pushed further out that is fine.  I just won’t schedule sessions out further than four weeks for a regular program frequency.

It is also important to note that we each need to provide notice ASAP when a session needs to be rescheduled.  Life happens and changes will occur and it all works out, so please don’t stress too much about that.  Weather, children, spouses, in laws…life has many complications and we will each have some reason to have to reschedule.  It’s all good.

I don’t have a “set fee schedule” for the Program. The value placed on these frequencies is dictated by Michael and/or Ariel per student.  This means that everyone pays a different amount dependent upon what the Angelics feel is the correct amount.  If that concerns you, please let me know and we can discuss it. We also don’t use the term “fee” – Michael considers it a value based on trade.

In the past, trade values for the two week frequency have ranged from $75 to $300.  Once you make contact with me and we discuss your commitment level towards the program I will ask Michael what the value needs to be for your personal sessions.  This value will be per month and will be valid for the six month cycle of sessions.

Every six months we will have a review session to discuss where we started from, where you are now, and how all of it is working out for you – and if you want to continue for another six month cycle.  This meeting is separate from the sessions and can take place in person or over the phone, whatever works best for both of us.

If you have any questions you can email them, or you can gather them all together and we can meet up and discuss them face to face.