Reiki Classes

The Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System is a hands-on healing modality commonly taught in the US to three levels of proficiency.   All humans are capable of learning Reiki, for all are created with the capacity to give energy to others.

I received my Reiki Master Teacher Certification in 2001, learned from a Master within 4 levels of Mrs. Takata.  I uphold the Usui Reiki Protocol in all Reiki classes, class participation is limited in size, and I facilitate an environment for seekers to develop their energy awareness, sensitivities, and spirituality while learning how to use Reiki.

Once completed, the student is considered a Reiki Level 1 practitioner and can legally offer their services to others for compensation/trade.  Please note that each state has different laws and regulations for energy workers and the Practitioner is responsible for following those statutes.

All Reiki students will receive unrestricted access to me during the length of the class so I may facilitate the differing changes and experiences that may take place to the individual during these weeks.  I do not charge for this access as I feel it is my duty to be available to each student.  I may recommend advice, exercises, or different modalities to the student during this time as it is a concentrated time period for personal growth.

The Fees for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 may be provided as Comparable Trade should the individual be unable to provide the financial trade.  Comparable Trade comes in many forms and both parties must agree that the trade is equivalent to the fees as stipulated.

Reiki Level 1 ($150) – Minimum of 2 people per class (maximum of 10)
In-person, two-hour long classes for four consecutive weeks (total of 8+ hours)

Level 1 students learn the Usui Reiki protocol for hand placement, the human energy system, and meditation.  Students are required to perform Reiki upon themselves daily during the class time and will be required to provide a journal to the Master Teacher regarding his or her experiences during the personal Reiki sessions.

Each student will receive two empowerments/initiations/attunements (EIA) during class and an additional two after the course has completed as they need to be given every 21 days apart.  There is no additional fee for these attunements even though they take place after the class is complete.

Students who complete all course requirements (attendance of all classes, receiving of all EIAs, hands on experience at Reiki Shares) receive a Certificate of Completion to display and provide as proof of experience of the First Degree Level.  For the students who receive only two attunements, a “temporary” certificate will be given.

Once the student receives all four EIAs a “formal” certificate will be awarded.  Students can and should practice Reiki in a professional environment with the Temporary Certificate for the lack of the two EIAs will not be detrimental to the ability to share Reiki with anyone.

All Reiki 1 students should make every opportunity to practice Reiki upon themselves, their friends, families, pets, and plants to help themselves grow in discernment of their energy sensations and Gifts.  Reiki energy can be very subtle and without a significant amount of practice one may never fully realize how powerful this vibration can be for self-healing and for helping others on their healing path.

For those currently in the alternative healing environment, Reiki is extremely compatible and easily incorporated into massage, acupressure/acupuncture, reflexology and other healing modalities.

Reiki Level 2 ($350) – Minimum of 2 people per class (maximum of 6)
In-person, two-hour long classes for six consecutive weeks (total of 12+ hours)

During Reiki Level 2, the student will receive during the six week course the Reiki Principles, two additional empowerments/initiations/attunements, and the Sacred Reiki Symbols which enhances their current skills and abilities, which will allow them to provide Reiki to clients in new ways with greater speed and sensitivity.

Reiki 2 requires students to work with fellow students on several out-of-class “homework” sessions which must be completed on a timely basis, as well as keeping a journal of experiences. These homework assignments are not negotiable and must be completed to successfully complete the course and receive Certification.  Attendance of at least one Reiki Share during the six week course is also required.

To receive Certification, students must attend all classes, receive all Level empowerments/initiations/attunements, participate in hands-on exercises, complete any out-of-class exercises assigned, attend the Reik Share, and demonstrate proficiency with the Protocol.

Our class design allows students to receive personal guidance over the course of the series to assist with the development of the individual’s sensitivities and to provide the ability to be responsive to changes the student undergoes during this course.

Reiki Level 3 – Teacher Apprenticeship ($500 down plus $100 per month for a minimum of 12 months or until Apprenticeship as been completed) – offered on an individual basis only.

Reiki Level 3 is an apprenticeship which lasts an average of 12 months and is for the serious Reiki Practitioner who is guided to teach Reiki to others.  Those who wish to “gain in power” etc. can locate someone willing who wishes to only take their money and spend only a few hours with them very easily online and should avoid troubling me with their nonsense.

To be accepted as a Reiki Level 3 student, the Master Teacher requires:

  • Guidance Approval
  • Proof of Completion for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2
  • Several hour interview with Master Teacher during which applicant will discuss the Reiki protocol, the Reiki Principles, Reiki sessions on self and others, Reiki shares, and goals of the Apprenticeship

If accepted, the Master Teacher will schedule the first session once the $500 has been received.  Again – only serious students need apply.  This is not about money – this is about dedication and commitment.  I take this apprenticeship very seriously and you should as well; refunds will not be given to those who are unable to continue with the program.

The Reiki Master Teacher reserves the right to cancel the Apprenticeship of any student who demonstrates a lack of commitment or is unwilling to fulfill the terms of the Apprenticeship once the program has started or for any reason the Master Teacher feels is necessary for program termination.

Apprenticeship has a number of requirements to be fulfilled prior to the student being awarded the Certificate for Reiki 3 Master Teacher.  These requires include, but are not limited to:

  • 2 in-person sessions every month with Master Teacher
  • Attends all Reiki shares with Master Teacher
  • Assumes responsibility for guiding the Reiki Share under eye of Master Teacher
  • Attends all of Master Teacher’s Reiki classes, eventually leading the classes
  • Creating an approved Reiki Manual of his/her own
  • Attending volunteer opportunities Master Teacher assigns
  • And other requirements as assigned